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Oct 11, 2021

Smoking can make you feel several emotions all at once, and dizziness may be one of them. Although it isn't something that happens to everyone, therefore, if you feel dizzy every time you smoke, you might want to take a break or think about quitting instead.  

The most common reason behind you feeling dizzy right after you smoke is dopamine. Or perhaps, an overload of dopamine. As soon as nicotine enters your body, dopamine (the 'happy chemical)  is released in your body and it can make you feel dizzy for a split second. While other times, you may feel weightless or lightheaded (especially if you're a new smoker and have smoked a number of cigarettes already).  

If we talk medical, research studies have recently proven that individuals who feel nauseous or dizzy after smoking had a pinpointed genetic variation in their nicotine receptor gene. Surprisingly, such people are also known to be more nicotine dependant and chain smokers.  


Mar 18, 2022

This one symptom, although quite distressing, can not help in identifying what it is that you are suffering from. This may be the case of someone who is suffering from a fever (or in the early stages of getting one) as well as someone who is having an anxiety attack. Some people tend to sweat and feel similar sensations when they are having a viral infection.  

And on top of all that, I can recall feeling exactly like that when I was suffering from covid 19, so you know? I suppose you get my point. All we know is that the hypothalamus of your body is dysfunctional but it doesn't lead to anything else. 


Sep 07, 2021

99% of Telegram Airdrops are scam. There's only 1% is real. This judgment is based my experience. According to my experience, I have been in crypto since 2017, I tried to join so many Airdrops and most of the Airdrop were through telegram bots and I got almost 1% . But some of them is real , you should do more research by checking their social media handles. You will find there more details!!

May 04, 2021

It is very easy to do. I will advice you to create a Binance account if you have none. After doing that, kindly transfer the token in your trust wallet to your Binance account. With that being done, you can then sell your token in 2 ways.  Either by selling via P2P after converting the token to usd or by spot trading. Do not forget, all these steps will only work if the coin you have in your trust wallet Is already listed on Binance. But if the coin is not listed, I'll advice you to swap it to any other coin listed on Binance such as BNB or ETH among Others.


Jan 19, 2022

The greatest strength and the greatest weakness of humans are to be a social animal that makes most of its decisions by mimicry.

So it's quite easy to manipulate a person's decisions by giving them a sense of conformity.

A few years ago, there was a disabled homeless man waiting outside a store where I regularly shopped. Sometimes I pay for my purchases in cash and since I don't like having a change in my pockets (I find it cumbersome), I gave my change to the homeless when I left. I'm not really altruistic so I never do things out of charity but somehow he was doing me a favor by getting rid of my bulky change, so it was a form of retribution for service rendered.

What is interesting is that almost systematically, one of the people who went out behind me, reproduced the same behavior by giving their change, and sometimes I observed a sort of chain reaction where 4 to 5 people gave their change successively in an almost mechanical.

Similar experiments were conducted in New York as part of a study in behavioral psychology. It seems to me that Robert Cialdini talks about it in Influence and Manipulation. Here is the conclusion of these experiments: in a social environment, humans make most of their decisions by reproducing the behavior of their fellow human beings. When we are around other individuals, we tend to observe them unconsciously and imitate their behaviors.

I recently watched a report on Starbucks, and one of the company's marketers was explaining why the company allows customers to stay as long as they want in their cafes.

One of the reasons is that the customer who stays inside the café for hours behind his MacBook Pro is part of the decor and therefore of the image that the brand wants to give to passers-by.

Someone who passes by a Starbucks will often choose to stop there because they will see people who look like them inside. Unconsciously, he will decide to go for a coffee by identification with the people who are inside and by mimicry. Humans tend to imitate the behaviors of those who are like them.



Oct 23, 2021

Let me just say, I've been in the spot that you are currently in and I get how maddening it can actually be. You get all prepped up to work out, finish all your tasks on time, attend to the chore, are probably only a workout away from living your dream life. But, your body has other plans and just decides to be as uncooperative as is bodily possible. Well, that is what happened to me every time I tried to do a few crunches, sit-ups, or any exercise for that matter.  

So, I saw a doctor, and thank God I did because not only was the annoying phenomena now explained, but I can give free advice to you as well.  

Improper diet

This may be the core reason that you are experiencing headaches during your workout routine. Your body isn't getting enough nutrients to use as fuel in the very first place. So, your blood sugar levels may be low, hence the unexplained headache. In order to treat this cause, try and add more proteins and vitamins to your diet. Take a healthy snack or smoothie before you begin working out.  

Exertional Headaches 

The second reason as to why you are feeling the way that you are maybe because of this. Exertional headaches are caused when blood vessels in your body are unnecessarily dilated. This happens because when you exercise, your body muscles need more blood circulation. The best way to treat this is to keep yourself hydrated, slowly build up in your exercise routine and take pain killers. 


Feb 12, 2022

I heard about cryptocurrency when one of my friends in India called me to tell about this concept called "cryptocurrency". I really like the sound of this concept, so I did my research and carefully invested $50,000 Australian dollars into crypto. My friend in India had become a millionaire over the sum of 2-3 years because he invested in Ethereum. So this is how I heard about cryptocurrency.


Feb 17, 2022

In my opinion, that is because of fees. As we already known that Ripple need 2 XRP for add trustline while XLM only need 0.05 XLM. Also, they both have faster time while do transactions whete XLM have less fee for add trustline. So XLM is better than XRP. In addition, XLM have so many platform that easy to use for interacting with stellar blockchain.


Feb 17, 2022


The cryptocurrencies that can deal with both the opportunities and challenges best will be the biggest winners long term. That's why I think Solana (CRYPTO:SOL), Ethereum (CRYPTO:ETH), and Polkadot (CRYPTO:DOT) are the top cryptocurrencies to buy today  and stellar xlm blockchain there is many projects like ANSR LSP BRAVE RBT AND AFR WILL MAKE YOU RICH 




Feb 18, 2022

Luna matic look good


May 27, 2021

You can deposit using peer 2 peer method, after you login just go to spot then select deposit through p2p, you will have to select whether you want naira or currency you want, then a form will be created for you to transfer to a person and make confirmation within 15 minutes. When after both parties have confirmed the transaction, Binance will credit the amount in your account.



Jun 01, 2021

You can withdraw after you have 10 answerly tokens. Please earn the remaining 6 tokens by answering questions

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