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May 04, 2021

How to sell tokens from Trust wallet?

How to sell tokens in a trust wallet so that they can be cashed into money





It is very easy to do. I will advice you to create a Binance account if you have none. After doing that, kindly transfer the token in your trust wallet to your Binance account. With that being done, you can then sell your token in 2 ways.  Either by selling via P2P after converting the token to usd or by spot trading. Do not forget, all these steps will only work if the coin you have in your trust wallet Is already listed on Binance. But if the coin is not listed, I'll advice you to swap it to any other coin listed on Binance such as BNB or ETH among Others.

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May 05, 2021

First check the name of that token on Coinmarketcap or Coingecko. Then check markets for that token, means in which market that token is listed - for example Binance, Latoken, Huobi, Pancakeswap, Uniswap etc. Then you can send that token to that particular exchange or AMMs like Pancakeswap & sell it in USDT or BNB pair but there is a transfer fee approx 0.55$ of BNB. So you've to make sure that you've little amount of BNB in your trust wallet. If you've received tokens from airdrops then some of them may not have listed on any market so you've to wait for the listing but you can sell others that are already listed.

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May 05, 2021

Yes, You can sell tokens in Trust wallet...by clicking Dapps icon present at the bottom side of Trust wallet.. 

After Clicking Dapps icon , scroll down you can see a lot of Exchanges like Pancake Swap, julswap, uniswap..etc.

Trust wallet takes much small fee for TRC And BEP20 tokens...

My advice is transfer tokens from trust wallet to Binance , then convert all tokens to BNB then perform P2P trading you get much profit...


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May 06, 2021 at 10:08 pm

Go to your wallet Choose your coin Send to Binance And spot there It will be sold and then you can take your money from Binance


May 31, 2021

After you have connected your Trust Wallet to your Binance.com account you can decide to access sites such as pancakeswap or poocoin.app through the DAPP browser. 

Here you can search for your crypto lying in your Trust Wallet and you find the current swap rate for this crypto in corresponding BNB rate. 

If you find it suitable you can swap the crypto with BNB. You will have to pay transaction fee n then you can sell the crypto. 

The total BNB minus the transaction fee shall be loaded into your Trust wallet

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