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Mar 17, 2022




This one symptom, although quite distressing, can not help in identifying what it is that you are suffering from. This may be the case of someone who is suffering from a fever (or in the early stages of getting one) as well as someone who is having an anxiety attack. Some people tend to sweat and feel similar sensations when they are having a viral infection.  

And on top of all that, I can recall feeling exactly like that when I was suffering from covid 19, so you know? I suppose you get my point. All we know is that the hypothalamus of your body is dysfunctional but it doesn't lead to anything else. 


Apr 03, 2022

If you experience a sudden chill and abnormal sweating, you may be having what is called cold sweats. Unlike normal sweats, this condition can occur as a result of exercise or high temperature. According to healthline.com, cold sweats may result due to various conditions. Oftentimes, they are linked with the "fight or flight" response of your body. This happens when the body gets prepared by itself to either get hurt or run away.

Furthermore, it can also be one of the common conditions that prevent blood or oxygen from circulating throughout the body. Other reasons also include shock, which occurs when your body reacts to severe injury or extreme environmental conditions. If you are experiencing cold sweats, it's better to consult a doctor and discuss openly what you are feeling.



Oct 04, 2022


This is obviously not normal. This could be due to dysfunction of the hypothalamus. Another possible reason for such problem is stress or anxiety. I suggest you visit a doctor soon and get this checked to make sure that there's nothing serious. Mostly likely its nothing serious but its still better to get it checked.