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Oct 08, 2021




Smoking can make you feel several emotions all at once, and dizziness may be one of them. Although it isn't something that happens to everyone, therefore, if you feel dizzy every time you smoke, you might want to take a break or think about quitting instead.  

The most common reason behind you feeling dizzy right after you smoke is dopamine. Or perhaps, an overload of dopamine. As soon as nicotine enters your body, dopamine (the 'happy chemical)  is released in your body and it can make you feel dizzy for a split second. While other times, you may feel weightless or lightheaded (especially if you're a new smoker and have smoked a number of cigarettes already).  

If we talk medical, research studies have recently proven that individuals who feel nauseous or dizzy after smoking had a pinpointed genetic variation in their nicotine receptor gene. Surprisingly, such people are also known to be more nicotine dependant and chain smokers.  


Sep 01, 2022

It's okay to feel dizzy after you’ve smoked a cigarette, but it's not very okay to smoke one on its own. Anyways, if you’ve smoked for the first time and you feel nauseous, its probably a natural bodily response and it signifies that you may have increased sensitivity as compared to what you originally thought. You may also be surprised to know that research studies show, that people who feel dizzy the first time they smoke are likely to become chain smokers if they keep up with the toxic habit. I’m not sure about the logic behind this correlation but it needs to be generalized before we accept it as a fact.