Privacy Policy

The Answerly platform is committed to protecting the privacy and security of the personal data shared by the Answerly community during different stages and interactions on the platform. The following privacy policy is reflective of the core values observed in this context.

i. The platform collects user information, which includes username, email address, user’s wallet’s public address and keeps an account of the user’s followers and the accounts followed by the user.

ii. The obtained user information will be used in a lawful, fair, and transparent manner only.

iii. The collected information will be used for limited purposes that the user is aware of, only. Any use that is incompatible with these purposes is not encouraged or permitted on the platform.

iv. The platform takes responsibility for ensuring the safety and privacy of the user data obtained at the time of registration, and during various stages and interactions on the platform.

v. The platform reserves the right to request additional personal information from any user for security purposes.

vi. The collected information is used for providing services agreed upon in terms of service document, complying with legal obligations, and for protecting the public and personal interests of the Answerly community.

vii. Failure in furnishing the required user information will lead to prevention from using the Answerly platform.

viii. If the platform intends to use provided personal information for an undisclosed purpose, it will notify the user first, and explain the legal basis which permits it to do so.

ix. The term “Third parties” includes third-party service providers. The platform doesn’t permit the third-party service providers to use Answerly community’s data for their specific purposes.

x. The collected user information will be retained by the Answerly platform as long as it deems it necessary. The appropriate retention period will be decided by the Answerly team