How Answerly Works


What is Answerly?

Answerly is a blockchain-based Questions/Answers platform that focuses on content ownership & rewards. Answerly is the first-ever QA platform that rewards the users for posting answers on the platform. This means that the users can post well-explained answers on the platform and in return they will receive Answerly tokens which they can easily trade for real money through Uniswap exchange.

How are the users rewarded for answers?

There are no rewards for the first 10 approved answers. After that, the users are rewarded anywhere from $0.25 - $1.00 (in Answerly tokens) for each approved answer.

How to get started on Answerly?

Here are the list of steps that you can follow to get started on Answerly:

  • Sign up to Answerly and set up your profile. (profile image, bio, and email verification)
  • Install Metamask and create a new account. Change the Metamask network to Pulygon and create a new polygon wallet. Check out the tutorial.
  • Connect your Polygon wallet with Answerly.
  • Explore Answerly & start answering questions. Your rewards will start after 10 approved answers.
  • You can check your answer rewards from the wallet section.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions, you can get in touch with us through Answerly's official Twitter.