How Answerly Works

Answerly allows users to earn rewards for two different types of activities:

Posting Questions:

Users will receive fixed rewards for posting questions.

Posting Answers:

Users will receive fixed rewards for posting answers.

1. Stellar wallet

By withdrawing his earnings on the stellar wallet, the user would receive an email along with other important instructions. In order to make this process smooth, we’re utilizing the services of a very well-known Stellar based project called Lobstr.

2. User Levels

The user levels on Answerly range from 1-5. A new user on Answerly starts with User Level 1. As he begins contributing to the platform, he will slowly become eligible to upgrade is level and earn more rewards for his best answers.

3. Pro Features

  • 1. No Ads
  • 2. Social Links
  • 3. Pro Member Tag
  • 4. Up to 500 credits per month
  • 5. Analytics
  • 6. Signature
  • Note: We definitely plan to add more features to this list but these are enough to start with.

4. Overcoming Spam

Spam is one of the biggest challenges for the platforms that reward for User Generated Content (UGC). In order to fight against spam, we’ve implemented the following functions on Answerly.

In-Built Plagiarism Checker

We take plagiarism very seriously. All answers that are posted on that platform will be scanned through a plagiarism checker. Anything with less than 80% uniqueness will be automatically rejected.

Best Answer Selection

Unlike many other platforms that determine the quality of the content based on the number of upvotes, we’re currently working on an algorithm that will automatically detect the best answer based on 18 different factors. Since the number upvotes can be cheated, we believe that it’s not an ideal way to go. Although upvotes will be counted as 1 of 18 different factors, we’ll not base the entire selection on it.

Limiting Upvotes

We realize that some users might try to game the rewarding system by creating multiple accounts in order to upvote their own answers. Therefore, we’ve limited the new accounts from upvoting unless that have performed 5 actions (Questions/Answers) on their account.