Terms & Conditions

Please read the following terms of service carefully; these terms are binding. The information shared under the section Terms of Service affects your rights in dispute resolution with the Answerly platform

i. Answerly is created with the objective of promoting sharing of knowledge. Hence, any activities that hamper the accomplishment of this objective, such as spamming and spinning, are not allowed on the platform. Any member found guilty of using these illegal means to earn rewards will be banned from the platform indefinitely.

ii. Hate speech is unwelcome and not allowed on Answerly. Any content that promotes violence or hatred against individuals or groups based on attributes such as age, caste, sex, race, disability, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation will be taken off the platform immediately. Offenders will be banned from the platform for a lifetime.

iii. You agree and acknowledge that any interactions or engagements made on the Answerly platform by you are made solely at your own risk and that the Answerly platform is in no way responsible or liable for any damages or losses that might arise from errors such as wrong address data input, faulty transactions, network failures, third-party frauds, or any matters of legal or regulatory nature.

iv. You agree to not use the Answerly platform in a manner that directly violates any national or international law or regulation. In addition, you must refrain from using the funds generated via the platform suspiciously and abstain from engaging in illegal money exchanging activities, for example, money laundering.

v. Users must note that Answerly holds the right to discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the services it provides without prior notice. In no way is the platform liable for such an act of suspension or discontinuation.

vi. Users must note that the existing information and service content may be updated from time to time. However, such content isn’t necessarily up to date all the time. The platform is not obligated to update such content or any other part of the services.