Getting Started

1. What is Answerly?

Answerly is a Q&A platform built on the Stellar blockchain that rewards its users for answering questions in the form of $ANSR tokens. These tokens can then be withdrawn as fiat money, for example, USD.

2. How many answers can I post in a day on Answerly?

Answerly users can post up to five answers per day, while the Answerly pro-members can answer up to 25 in a day.

3. Can I edit my answers on Answerly?

No, you cannot edit your answers on Answerly. Since the platform is blockchain-based, it is immutable. Because of this reason, you cannot edit your answers once you have published them.

4. Can I answer my own question on Answerly?

No, it is not possible to answer any questions posted by a user themself. Answerly has set strict measures for such actions, including a permanent ban from the platform.

5. What are the guidelines for posting questions and answers on Answerly?

Answerly’s uniqueness stems from its authenticity and plagiarism-free content. Users must try to answer the posted questions in a manner devoid of similarities with the existing content on the internet. Furthermore, the posted answers must be completely legible and formatted well enough, so there are no comprehension difficulties.

6. Do I need a wallet to receive rewards?

To receive your $ANSR rewards, you need to connect your account to a digital wallet of your own choice. Popular options are Rabet, Freighter, Albedo, and XBull. You can also opt for a private key option.

7. How can I create and connect my wallet to Answerly?

If you don’t have a wallet already, don’t worry, it won’t even take two minutes before you have one. Say you want to open up a Rabet wallet. In that case, go to Rabet. Io and opt for the option that says Install for Windows. Then, install the browser extension. Create a wallet, input your username and password, and that’s it. You have successfully created a Rabet wallet. Please note that you must have 5 Stellar Lumens in your account to successfully connect your Answerly account with any wallet. Please add the Answerly token into your assets by typing ANSR in the search bar.

8. How much can you earn on Answerly?

Unlike some of the other Q&A platforms, the extent you can earn rewards on Answerly depends solely on you. If you are posting answers that are getting high ratings from the Answerly community, your chances of earning high rewards increase automatically. Furthermore, if you are a basic member, you will be earning only a limited number of $ANSR tokens, but if you are a pro-member, you have a greater opportunity to earn more rewards. Tipping and upvoting are critical elements to keep in mind in this regard as well.

9. How are the rewards calculated?

The reward system at Answerly is fairly simple. Answers posted by users will be rated, and it is this rating that will determine the final reward. The rating range is 1-5. For every answer posted, the highest rating is five, for which the reward is 1 USD. The lowest rating is 1, for which there is no reward. A rejection equals a zero. Here is what the Answerly reward rate list looks like at the moment:

Answer Rating Reward (In USD)
1 0
2 0.25
3 0.5
4 0.75
5 1

You still have a questions?

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