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99% of Telegram Airdrops are scam. There's only 1% is real. This judgment is based my experience. According to my experience, I have been in crypto since 2017, I tried to join so many Airdrops and most of the Airdrop were through telegram bots and I got almost 1% . But some of them is real , you should do more research by checking their social media handles. You will find there more details!!

Sep 17, 2021

Airdrop bots on Telegram are pestered with scam. Many bots are designed to be legit at first, it means they give you real airdrops, and then time comes that you will not earn anymore. From my experience, I have earned a small amount of money from TG bots, not really considered decent to waste my time with. You should check first if the bots are verified, these bots usually give lower pay but with steady source of income like watching ads or visiting legit websites. Legit telegram bots that pay are really hard to find, but they still exist. Scam telegram bots on the other hand are too good to be true and are mostly being hyped.