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Homeschooling is the education of the child from home by their parents or a tutor. Parents opt for homeschooling for various reasons.  

PROS OF HOMESCHOOLING 1. Flexible timings 

You don't have to stress getting up early at 6 am and rushing to your school van for school. Homeschooling provides flexibility on the schedule for the students. 

2. Choice of subject 

Homeschool students are not obliged to learn all the subjects taught at school. Parents or the students can opt for it. Also, the method of teaching the child is up to the parent.  

3. One on one learning 

One of the best advantages for homeschoolers is that they get one on one explanations and learning time. If the child cannot understand a concept, the parent can repeat it from time to time, whereas this luxury is not available in private and public schools. 

1. Lack of experience 

If the parent is well-versed in the subject or is a teacher then, things will be easy for the child. But if the parent lacks knowledge on the topic, the child suffers. 

2. Lack of tools 

Schools these days teach children via objects, tools, videos etc., that may not be readily available at home. Research shows, students when taught with objects or tools grasp quickly and do not forget easily. 

3. Workload   

The entire teaching workload comes on either of the parents. This means they need to spend half a day with their child doing nothing else. This might be easy for those parents who have helping aid and just a single child to look after.

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The Coronavirus has changed all our lives drastically. It has affected the physical and mental health of adults as well as children. Also, Covid-19 has affected the education of children of all ages in many ways. 

The pre-schoolers and primary school children's basic foundation of education came to a stop. They were in isolation for months and some countries for years. The most vital years of their education were disrupted and discontinued. Comparing the statistics of a child before and after the Covid-19 clearly shows a steep decline in their performance, attention span, writing, and communication skills.  

Since most countries have resumed education back to normal, all burden is on the teachers now.

Some of the common problems faced by the children are mentioned below; 

  • the child was unable to read a paragraph fluently
  • the child was unable to follow simple instructions like writing down the day and date, the topic's name, questions etc.
  • the child was unable to write correctly
  • the child would easily get distracted.

All children have been affected badly in terms of education during this tough time on us. We all need to stay strong and support the child and the teacher. It will take time, but things will get back to normal soon.


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November 27, 2021


Studying abroad for a well-settled life is a wish that many dreams to see. But why do they wish to migrate to a foreign land? Don't they have good universities in their own country? If they do have, then what attracts the people towards Europe and the West of the world? You will be finding out the answer to it below. 

1. Well-known and recognized universities 

Europe and the West is home to well-reputed universities. They provide vast options of subjects and fields which aren't available in other parts of the world.   

A few of the well-known universities include;

A few of the well-known universities include; 

Harvard University 

Oxford University  

Stanford University 

University of California 

Karolinska University 

2. Scholarship programs 

Europe and USA offer a wide scale of scholarship programs for people who are low on budget. You will have to keep a constant eye on the scholarship programs of the university, you wish to study. Prepare well and in advance. 

3. Widens career options 

Good education = good job.

 Good education at a well-known university=excellent job opportunities. 

Studying abroad widens your horizon of job opportunities and career options.  

4. Great International exposure 

Studying abroad with other foreigners broadens your perspective and encourages you to interact with them. Your friendship with foreigners will enlighten you about their culture, tradition, country, language etc. 

5. Diverse cultural experience 

Since people of different countries come to study abroad, these universities are rich in culture. Several countries participate in the yearly cultural programs held by the university to promote and talk about their country. 

6. Travelling made easy 

Once you arrive in Europe or the West, travelling to other cities and countries nearby gets way too easy. You can hop on the train to enjoy the beautiful view and nature the country possesses.  

7. Advance level of teaching 

The top-notched universities no longer teach traditionally. Robotics is widely encouraged abroad. The universities are built, with an amazing infrastructure, that uses, the advanced level of technology for teaching and learning purposes. They are known to be modern-day pioneers. 

8. Part-time work opportunities 

Almost all the students living abroad, are seen working part-time. It makes their life easier to pay off their education fee to some extent or to survive there (as it is expensive for a student). Also, working makes the student responsible and helps in empowering. 

So, these were a few reasons why students opt for foreign education.



November 27, 2021


Studying abroad has become a trend. Millions opt for education opportunities overseas for exposure, better education and financial stability. It also increases awareness and teaches new languages and cultures. 

Here are a few reasons for you to study abroad. 

It strengthens you from the inside. Leaving your home country and loved ones and opting to go to an all-new country is something not everyone can do. You should be brave and strong for such an enormous transformation in your life. People who decide to step out of their comfort zone to face the reality of life can face any struggle in their lives with a smile!

People get to experience new languages and cultures which may be way different from their home country. The people get to meet the host country's people and learn new things about them and their country. You can also get to listen to what the host country's people have to say about your home country. It's like seeing your country and culture from others' eyes.

USA, Australia and UK are known for their high-level education systems. Well known and reputed universities are in these countries. If you have good grades and can qualify for the scholarship; why not try your luck at prestigious universities to broaden your horizon? It will benefit you in many ways, right from increasing your knowledge to your job opportunities.

If you are going to a country that speaks the same language as yours, then your life would be easy, but let me tell you one thing, you'll be missing out on a lot of fun learning the new language. Learning a new language from the scratch as an adult is a task. But with time, practice, motivation and confidence, you will pass through this phase of your life too. The trouble and challenges one faces during this phase is fun and something to laugh at later on.

Opting to leave your home country for a better life not only opens up job opportunities but also makes you independent and confident. 

Last but not least. Living abroad widens your opportunities for travelling to various new destinations around you. Such as, if you are studying at a university in the USA, you can travel to any part of the US.     



November 27, 2021


Leaving family and your country for good is a life-changing step one can take. A person needs to be prepared, for a complete change in their lifestyle once they move out of their comfort level.  

You will have to face a lot of troubles. 

You will have to sacrifice a lot of things. 

You will get to learn a lot of new things. 

You will have to adapt to a new environment.





November 27, 2021


Some of the interesting facts of different sports in the world are mentioned below. 

  1. The Summer Olympics are held once in four years in 1 country. But, twice the Olympics were held in 2 different countries in 1920 and 1956. In 1920, the Olympics were held in Belgium and Netherlands. In 1956, the Olympics were held in Australia and Stockholm. 
  2. Ski Ballet used to be a competitive freestyle winter sport from the 1960s to 2000. 
  3. Each Olympic ring represents a continent. The blue ring represents Europe, the black ring represents Africa, the red ring represents America, the yellow ring represents Asia and the green represents Australia. 
  4. In 1971, Alan Shephard and Edgar Mitchell, the Apollo 14 astronauts, were the first astronauts to have played sports on the moon. They threw a golf ball and a javelin stick which were used in their scientific experiments
  5. The Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel who is also the World Champion, is highly superstitious. While driving for Red Bull, he revealed he would wear lucky coins tucked into the laces of his boots.
  6. The dimples on a golf ball make it more aerodynamic, allowing it to travel more further in the air. There is no such hard and fast rule on the number of dimples a golf ball should have, but they mostly contain dimples between 300-500
  7. Michael Phelps, a former American swimmer, has the world record of the most number of Gold medals in the Olympics. He has won 28 gold medals in total.
  8. In 1950, India withdrew from the only FIFA World Cup they have ever qualified to date because FIFA banned playing soccer barefoot.
  9. Sheep counting is an official sport in Australia.
  10. There's a 150-year-old oak tree in the middle of the soccer field in Estonia. 


November 27, 2021


In men' sprinting, Usain Bolt was the fastest runner since 2008 until his retirement in 2017. After his retirement, the fastest athlete is Trayvon Bromell. But still, he is nowhere close to Bolt's record of the fastest athlete at 9.58 seconds.

Trayvon Bromell is an American athlete who specializes in sprinting events. His world record in 100 m is 9.76 seconds. He beat his record twice in 2021. 

He started his sprinting career in 2013 and was known to the world in 2021 when he made his record by defeating the now Olympic champion Fred Kerley. As a result, the expectations from him were high in the Tokyo Olympics of 2021. But, things went downhill for the youngster as he couldn't pass through the finals, but he never lost hope.  

After the Olympics, Trayvon Bromell tasted the bowl of success by beating his record of 9.77 seconds to 9.76 seconds.  

Achievements of Trayvon Bromell: 

Personal best in 60m- 6.47 seconds 

Personal best in 100m- 9.76 seconds 

Personal best in 200m- 20.03 seconds 

Medals record

 Bromell has the following records to his name:

2 Bronze medals in the 100m race 

1 Silver medal in the 100m race 

1 gold medal in the 60m race  

2 gold medals in 40m - 100 m race



November 20, 2021


The common reasons for people posting on social media frequently can be business-related, promoting tourism, publicizing personal life, advertisements, bloggers, creating awareness etc. 

We all know businesses need to be promoted. Since it's the trend of social media, everything is advertised here as the youth and adults are active more on social media these days than television, leave alone the era of radios.

Promoting tourism is necessary for the country's per capita to increase, which in turn can improve the economic and educational opportunities of the country. It also opens up different cultural and traditional backgrounds of the region.

One of the most common and unfortunately a mental disorder is posting every hour or every day of your personal life on social media. The reason is clear and short- low self-esteem. People who undergo this condition fall under this category. Another reason is jealousy and boosting oneself. Sadly, just for a few likes and comments, people ruin their lives!

On the other hand, people post pictures and videos to create awareness among people regarding any issues. You can find several volunteers and NGO's working in this field.




November 20, 2021


Having downloaded a couple of social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and once upon a time Facebook, I use or maybe am addicted to WhatsApp. 

The reason is pretty usual and not something out of the box-to stay connected with closed ones. 

Being far from family and friends is hard, especially when you live on a different continent! I use WhatsApp for staying in touch with my loved ones daily. I am the kind of person who keeps asking about my loved ones health and life. So, the only source for me is WhatsApp as it is easy to use, and most importantly everyone else has it too. They don't have to download a special app to stay in touch with me and vice versa!  

I can recall, in early 2000, when there was just Facebook, communication with the people outside the country was difficult. Although Facebook offered the chat option, that wasn't feasible all the time. Moreover, there were no voice and video calls back then! Sharing personal pictures and videos on chat wasn't an option back then.

With the advancement in technology, life has become easier for long-distance relationships. Although it has its cons, we as sensible adults can work on it. 



November 20, 2021


Cigarette smoke contains hundreds of harmful chemicals which mainly target the lungs. The chemicals cause an increase in the production of mucus that causes diseases such as smoker's cough, pneumonia, bronchitis and asthma. 

Smoking can cause difficulty in inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide as it reduces the surface area in the lungs. When lung tissues break down, the condition is characterized by shortness of breath-emphysema. 

A smoker's lung turns blackish due to the continuous deposition of tar, while a healthy person's lung looks clean and pink.

A smoker is prone to develop chronic bronchitis, a long term inflammation of the bronchi. It causes a continuous cough with mucus. 

Apart from these, the most dangerous and harmful effect of smoking on the respiratory tract is lung cancer. Lung cancer is an abnormal growth of cells in groups or masses. It starts to begin in the bronchi or the other regions of the respiratory tract. 

Symptoms of lung cancer include;

Lung cancer can also be the cause of other respiratory cancers such as;



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