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Nov 27, 2021


Studying abroad has become a trend. Millions opt for education opportunities overseas for exposure, better education and financial stability. It also increases awareness and teaches new languages and cultures. 

Here are a few reasons for you to study abroad. 

It strengthens you from the inside. Leaving your home country and loved ones and opting to go to an all-new country is something not everyone can do. You should be brave and strong for such an enormous transformation in your life. People who decide to step out of their comfort zone to face the reality of life can face any struggle in their lives with a smile!

People get to experience new languages and cultures which may be way different from their home country. The people get to meet the host country's people and learn new things about them and their country. You can also get to listen to what the host country's people have to say about your home country. It's like seeing your country and culture from others' eyes.

USA, Australia and UK are known for their high-level education systems. Well known and reputed universities are in these countries. If you have good grades and can qualify for the scholarship; why not try your luck at prestigious universities to broaden your horizon? It will benefit you in many ways, right from increasing your knowledge to your job opportunities.

If you are going to a country that speaks the same language as yours, then your life would be easy, but let me tell you one thing, you'll be missing out on a lot of fun learning the new language. Learning a new language from the scratch as an adult is a task. But with time, practice, motivation and confidence, you will pass through this phase of your life too. The trouble and challenges one faces during this phase is fun and something to laugh at later on.

Opting to leave your home country for a better life not only opens up job opportunities but also makes you independent and confident. 

Last but not least. Living abroad widens your opportunities for travelling to various new destinations around you. Such as, if you are studying at a university in the USA, you can travel to any part of the US.     


Dec 03, 2021


There are quite a number of benefits you can gain from studying abroad. Personally, I haven't had such an experience but my younger siblings who did travel to other countries had everything positive to say. Now I wouldn't say that it's a complete bed of roses, there are ups and downs obviously. Plus, language and cultural differences may be a problem for some people as well if they've traveled to a country with a different native language other than English.  

Here are a number of benefits you can gain from studying abroad.  

Exposure to the outer world 

You get to learn A LOT about other cultures and people other than your close ones. Your reality comes to a comparison with the reality of other people and your experience can teach you plenty. I personally believe that you can only truly learn more about yourself and others as well as grow as a person if you are away from your comfort zone.  

Ability to survive on your own

When you know that you have no other option in the world than to rely on your own self, your level of confidence and self-dependency shoots to the sky. You learn to tackle even the toughest of situations by your own self and that's a life skill you could really benefit from.  

Explore the world

Studying abroad allows you to see the world and travel to new places you would otherwise not have visited. During your time away from your studies, you can go sightseeing in your new city. You'll also get to know your region more intimately than if you were just visiting for a shorter period of time. 

My brother traveled to two neighboring countries from where he lived and you could too!