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Nov 20, 2021

I prefer using Facebook the most. I love scrolling through my feed while I procrastinate so I can enjoy some me-time during work. Learning about new DIYs, watching clips of my favourite shows, tagging my friends in memes, and watching cute dog videos is what I mostly do on social media.
Unlike today's youth, I don't find Facebook "old school". Or maybe I, too, am old school. I have seen people preferring Instagram over Facebook but I sometimes feel that Insta is too fake. Everyone wants to post the best selfie, showing their perfect lives with no worries. Though that's common on all social media platforms, I feel it more scrolling through Instagram.
Facebook also has numerous groups where we interact with strange people due to some common interests. For instance, there are many support groups of famous shows like Friends, Game of Thrones, and others. There are also some support groups where everyone has to be nice to each other, groups made for empowering women where they all help each other grow more and be safe. Furthermore, there are some buying and selling groups that empower small business owners by helping them connect with their target audience. In this way, numerous people are earning through Facebook too.
When I get bored, I randomly scroll through my feed and I watch some interesting video clips, particularly the ones with pets. What else is better than watching dogs' reactions when their owners kiss their faces? It's a great way to pass time and get your mind off of the things that are stressing you out.

Nov 20, 2021


Having downloaded a couple of social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and once upon a time Facebook, I use or maybe am addicted to WhatsApp. 

The reason is pretty usual and not something out of the box-to stay connected with closed ones. 

Being far from family and friends is hard, especially when you live on a different continent! I use WhatsApp for staying in touch with my loved ones daily. I am the kind of person who keeps asking about my loved ones health and life. So, the only source for me is WhatsApp as it is easy to use, and most importantly everyone else has it too. They don't have to download a special app to stay in touch with me and vice versa!  

I can recall, in early 2000, when there was just Facebook, communication with the people outside the country was difficult. Although Facebook offered the chat option, that wasn't feasible all the time. Moreover, there were no voice and video calls back then! Sharing personal pictures and videos on chat wasn't an option back then.

With the advancement in technology, life has become easier for long-distance relationships. Although it has its cons, we as sensible adults can work on it.