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Nov 24, 2021





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Nov 28, 2021


Although, I'm not the sort of person who is keen about sports (in terms of playing, I do love watching though) but sports facts are always a delight to get to know. You may think that it is only a sport with basic rules and regulations that the players are guided to follow, but that is only the surface. There is a lot more to sports than just the surface game (although that's not any less appealing either) such as the facts listed as follows.

Sports have been played even on the moon

In 1971, Alan Shephard and Edgar Mitchell made history when they became the first people to play sport on the moon. Shephard hit a golf ball while Mitchell threw a makeshift javelin it was actually a staff they'd used in one of their scientific experiments.

On average, a golf ball has 336 dimples

The dimples on a golf ball are designed to make it more aerodynamic, allowing it to travel further in the air. There are no official rules about how many dimples a golf ball can have and most feature between 300 and 500.

Major League Baseball umpires are required to wear black underwear while on the job in case they split their pants.

I mean's this is pretty self-explanatory

Kite flying is considered to be a professional sport in Thailand 


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Nov 29, 2021


Here are some fun facts related to sports that sport lovers may find very interesting:

  1. As per the World's Sports Encyclopedia, there are more than eight thousand sports
  2. The first sport was most likely wrestling. It originated in 776 BC in Greece.
  3. Modern swimsuits have been made very advanced. Some of them can even move faster than human skin in water. Many people believe that the advantage while swimming can be greater if the swimsuit is covering more body.
  4. Sheffield FC is known for being the world's oldest football club. It was founded in 1857
  5. The weight of a badminton shuttlecock is approximately 0.17 oz (5 gram).
  6. Olympic Gold Medals are mostly made of sterling silver instead of gold. In fact, they have not been made of pure gold since 1912.
  7. The umpires of Major League Basketball are obliged to wear black underwear during the matches, just in case their trousers split.
  8. Between 1900 and 1920, tug of war used to be included to be an Olympic sport.
  9. In the average baseball game, there are only 18 minutes of action
  10. Golf balls used to be made from leather with the stuffing of feathers until 1850.
  11. The phrase related to winning "hand down" was in reference to a jockey, who would neither pull the reins of his horse nor whip the horse after winning a race.
  12. In Wimbledon, the grass used to be around five centimeters long, until 1949 when an English player was bitten by a snake. Now, it is 8mm long.

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