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Nov 20, 2021


In my opinion, one of the reasons behind the frequent posts of people on social media is that people like being praised, heard, and talked about. The idea of getting love reacts, laugh reacts, and lots of comments from friends and family feels joyful. It makes people go out of their way to make their posts unique and more attractive.

People spend a huge amount of money just to buy branded stuff that makes them look valuable. They would click several pictures just to get that perfect click to post. Furthermore, they also spend a lot of money eating things that look attractive. From posting wise quotes to dressing up at 3:00 a.m for perfect selfies, we all can do beyond our ways for the sake of likes and praises from people who may not be so close to us.

Let's be honest, though. The feeling is not fake or unreal. It does feel joyful when we see the number of likes increasing and our friends leaving lovely comments on our posts. It makes us feel beautiful and valid. However, we should be aware that seeking validation from people is not a good idea. We are a lot more than what people think of us. Even if we dont have thousands of followers and friends who would hype us up, we still deserve to be loved and respected.


Nov 20, 2021


The common reasons for people posting on social media frequently can be business-related, promoting tourism, publicizing personal life, advertisements, bloggers, creating awareness etc. 

We all know businesses need to be promoted. Since it's the trend of social media, everything is advertised here as the youth and adults are active more on social media these days than television, leave alone the era of radios.

Promoting tourism is necessary for the country's per capita to increase, which in turn can improve the economic and educational opportunities of the country. It also opens up different cultural and traditional backgrounds of the region.

One of the most common and unfortunately a mental disorder is posting every hour or every day of your personal life on social media. The reason is clear and short- low self-esteem. People who undergo this condition fall under this category. Another reason is jealousy and boosting oneself. Sadly, just for a few likes and comments, people ruin their lives!

On the other hand, people post pictures and videos to create awareness among people regarding any issues. You can find several volunteers and NGO's working in this field.