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Nov 27, 2021


In men' sprinting, Usain Bolt was the fastest runner since 2008 until his retirement in 2017. After his retirement, the fastest athlete is Trayvon Bromell. But still, he is nowhere close to Bolt's record of the fastest athlete at 9.58 seconds.

Trayvon Bromell is an American athlete who specializes in sprinting events. His world record in 100 m is 9.76 seconds. He beat his record twice in 2021. 

He started his sprinting career in 2013 and was known to the world in 2021 when he made his record by defeating the now Olympic champion Fred Kerley. As a result, the expectations from him were high in the Tokyo Olympics of 2021. But, things went downhill for the youngster as he couldn't pass through the finals, but he never lost hope.  

After the Olympics, Trayvon Bromell tasted the bowl of success by beating his record of 9.77 seconds to 9.76 seconds.  

Achievements of Trayvon Bromell: 

Personal best in 60m- 6.47 seconds 

Personal best in 100m- 9.76 seconds 

Personal best in 200m- 20.03 seconds 

Medals record

 Bromell has the following records to his name:

2 Bronze medals in the 100m race 

1 Silver medal in the 100m race 

1 gold medal in the 60m race  

2 gold medals in 40m - 100 m race