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Nov 27, 2021


Homeschooling is the education of the child from home by their parents or a tutor. Parents opt for homeschooling for various reasons.  

PROS OF HOMESCHOOLING 1. Flexible timings 

You don't have to stress getting up early at 6 am and rushing to your school van for school. Homeschooling provides flexibility on the schedule for the students. 

2. Choice of subject 

Homeschool students are not obliged to learn all the subjects taught at school. Parents or the students can opt for it. Also, the method of teaching the child is up to the parent.  

3. One on one learning 

One of the best advantages for homeschoolers is that they get one on one explanations and learning time. If the child cannot understand a concept, the parent can repeat it from time to time, whereas this luxury is not available in private and public schools. 

1. Lack of experience 

If the parent is well-versed in the subject or is a teacher then, things will be easy for the child. But if the parent lacks knowledge on the topic, the child suffers. 

2. Lack of tools 

Schools these days teach children via objects, tools, videos etc., that may not be readily available at home. Research shows, students when taught with objects or tools grasp quickly and do not forget easily. 

3. Workload   

The entire teaching workload comes on either of the parents. This means they need to spend half a day with their child doing nothing else. This might be easy for those parents who have helping aid and just a single child to look after.