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Nov 30, 2021

Studying or working abroad have a lot of benefits. A few of the benefits are mentioned here; 

Career opportunities 

Studying abroad changes raises your career options to a top-notch. Acquiring a degree from a well-reputed university from abroad bags in more than a degree from your homeland. Also, abroad education is diverse due to various new subjects and fields being added to the curriculum often. 


People studying or working abroad get a good exposure in all fields, be it educational or lifestyle. All countries have their own culture and tradition. Moving to a new country that has a lot of foreigners weigh in more in terms of exposure to various other people. For example: learning a new language/s, getting to know new cultures and traditions and learning the history of the place. 

Job opportunities 

People who have studied abroad have more opportunities of getting a job there as compared to a student who hasn't studied there. 

Exploring themselves 

Many people love to travel worldwide. Travelling gives you good exposure. Being solo will make you realize your worth. 

Scholarships/ Insurance 

A wide range of scholarships is granted to many foreigners to ease out their life and admission processes. You may also get medical insurance which covers a good percentage.


Nov 29, 2021

Sharing a bedroom with your sibling has made me nostalgic. My elder sister and I shared a room until she got married. I was 15 years old then.  

To be honest, since she was elder to me, she sharing the room with me might have been a pain in her neck as I kept interrupting her during studies.  

Since she was elder to me, she had a lot more advantages over the room than me. She had a bigger cupboard, most of the things in the room belonged to her, she could lock the room door whenever she wished to etc., I, on the other hand, had just a small cupboard as there wasn't much space in the room left. I barely got any such showpiece to be kept in the room. So basically, it was her room more than 'our' room. 

Walking down the memory lane, I remember clearly that, I used to annoy her a lot when her friends would come over. I would deliberately enter the room and sit there among her friends, and she hated the fact that I used to do this to her. Now that I think of it, it was so childish and stupid of me to do that. Had someone done that to me, I would throw them out of my room! She complained to my mom about it, in my defence, that's my room too!


Nov 30, 2021

It depends on who your room mate is, if they're someone your friends with or have known for a long while, it's going to be a blast and don't even get me started on how much fun it is when you share a room with your childhood best friend. Everything is all fun and games and you rarely ever feel the absence of your other loved ones.  

As a college student, I was lucky enough to share a dorm room with my best friend and it was incredible (still an understatement). We would do all sorts of weird randomest stuff at night on the weekends and helped each other with our courses after classes ended. It wouldn't be wrong to say that my room mate made our room feel like a home to me.  

However, on the other hand a friend of mine had a really terrible experience with his room mate. This was because he reportedly never cleaned anything up, used my friend's everything, brought friends over even on exam nights and it was the worst sort of nightmare you can imagine.  

Therefore, I think as room mates it is important to set boundaries and let your mate know what your 'non negotiables' are. If you both respect that and get a long well, you're going to make some unforgettable memories


Nov 29, 2021

Michael Schumacher is a former German Formula 1 race driver born on January 3, 1969. He was part of the Mercedes, Ferrari, Jordon and Benetton teams. He started his career in 1991 and retired in 2012. Schumi ruled F1 racing for years. He was unbeatable. He has plenty of records to his name; most wins (91), podium finishes (155), pole finishes (68) which were later on broken by the British, F1 race driver, Lewis Hamilton, 

Michael Schumacher was a lucky charm for the team Ferrari. He won five consecutive titles from 2000-2004. Until 2006, he was part of the Ferrari time and announced retirement. But, he returned in 2010 racing for Mercedes and raced for two years and announced retirement again.

During his racing career, he faced and survived collisions on track. But unfortunately, in December 2013, Michael Schumacher suffered a severe brain injury while skiing. For over a year, he was admitted to the hospital in France due to a medically induced coma. He was then shifted to a hospital in Switzerland for a brief period before taking him to his home for private medical treatment and rehabilitation in September 2014. 


Nov 29, 2021

Yes, you all must have noticed that sportsmen retire earlier than usual professionals than other usual. Well, sports is not an easy job. It may seem that sportsmen come in the ground once in a while, make a goal or a hit a six and chill until the next match. But reality is far from our perceptions. Lets dig in why do sportsmen have to take an early retirement.

  • Professional sports require extreme mental and physical exertion. Over time, the pressure can become draining for professional athletes, and it is inevitable for athletes to retire.
  •  In fact, just like in other professions, retirement choice varies across individuals since certain athletes may be playing for longer periods depending on their sport, health, family, and other factors.
  • Given the chance, most would opt to play for a long time. However, only eight players in the history of the NBA, for example, have played 20+ seasons in their respective careers.
  • Sometimes, the player is not in control of their retirement. At the end of the day, athletes are humans and may, unfortunately, make mistakes that challenge their eligibility.
  • Many athletes also get cut from teams due to the coach's perception of how much they contribute to a team. Professional athletes may be fired due to lack of skill and in this sense, they are essentially being forced to retire.


Nov 30, 2021

Deciding when to retire depends on the personal needs and circumstances of an individual. It also depends on the plans one has after retiring. If you are reaching the retirement stage soon and want to give a resignation letter to your boss in order to live a happy life, you can do it only if you are financially secure. If you are fully dependant on your monthly paycheck, taking early retirement might be the biggest mistake.

But if you can, leaving the job early and taking retirement might be an interesting idea. By the time workers reach 50 to 60 years of age, they start feeling burned out. So, retiring before this burned-out phase can be beneficial and it can keep you from getting exhausted.

What would you do after retiring? You can simply pursue your hobbies, travel and explore new places, and even find a new job that doesn't require a lot of stress.

For a long time, 65 years is often considered as a typical age for retirement. In 1940, when the social security program started, workers could get unreduced retirement benefits starting at the age of 65.

If you want to retire before the age of 65, you need to ensure there is enough amount in your bank account for your family. You can also invest somewhere to get a monthly profit. Furthermore, limiting your retirement spendings may also be effective in making your life easy after retirement.


Nov 24, 2021

Social media is the new norm of advertisement, with over 4 billion active users on the platforms. 

Social media advertising is competitive as the content you give to advertise should be appealing to the audience. Also, the content should be visible to the target audience. 

On average, an American alone spends 38 minutes per day on Facebook. Undoubtedly, social media is the latest trend of advertisement. 

To boost your advertising skills, here are a few tips that can be beneficial for you. 


Before doing any task, you always need to have a target in your mind. Without having a target, you cannot achieve anything in your life. 

Write down your goals and the ways to achieve your goals. Make sure you jot down points that are attainable and doable by you. Dream big. There's no success without the struggle! 


After setting your goal, you need to start working on it to attract the audience. How is that possible? By advertising.  

The main struggle for an entrepreneur is to promote their business ideas is to identify the right place, time and people to advertise for. Sounds tricky? Well, to elaborate, the entrepreneur should know what age group or kind of people would look/want their products.  

For example, if you are marketing baby clothes and their accessories, you would do it on a platform of mothers and not youth. 

By looking at the statistics and research done by experts, make sure what platform your group of interest uses.  


Selecting your social media platform is vital for advertisement. You should have quality ads and not quantity ads. You don't have to present on all platforms. Just one with the right content is enough! 


You need to be sure enough as to when is the right time to display your ad and also what day is the best for you.


  • Make a list of upcoming holidays or festivals
  • Accordingly, prepare the content for your ad
  • Prepare hashtags 
  • Make sure it has all the necessary info a user would need

Use the calendar tool to make your publishing timely, efficiently and easy. The calendar also improves team collaboration and gives you an in-depth report on the positive and negative reviews. 


If you are a part of many social media platforms, advertising on each one of them daily would be a hassle. To make it easy, just hand over all your work to the computer, set a time and date for publishing, set the platforms of advertising and save it. The scheduling tools will themselves advertise on the websites as per your schedule. 


You can find a bundle of emojis depicting your feelings. The problem in advertising by text is that, if not formatted correctly, the sentence may send out a wrong meaning. So, make sure you use the correct emojis to express yourself.



Nov 24, 2021

From seemingly cheap data prices for social media packages to endless free Wi-Fi access for social media, each person has at least three social media apps downloaded on their phones. 

To determine the number of active social media users in the current time; a demographic graph is made which cites the ''number of active users''. Each day, new ids and new user accounts are created. 

Hers's the list of the top 10 most popular social media platforms as of August 2021. 

1. Facebook- 2.74 Billion Active Users

2. YouTube- 2.291 Billion Active Users

3. WhatsApp - 2.0 Billion Active Users

4. Facebook Messenger - 1.3 Billion Active Users

5. Instagram - 1.221 Billion Active Users

6. WeChat - 1.213 Billion Active Users

7. TikTok - 689 Million Active Users

8. QQ - 617 Million Active Users

9. Douyin - 600 Million Active Users

10. Sina Weibo - 511 Million Active Users


It is one of the oldest social media platforms. Back in the early 2000s, ORKUT, a social media site that was similar to Facebook came to a downfall after the start of Facebook. Since then, it remains the best and undisputed champion of social media. It keeps updating the app frequently by introducing new features often, not letting its users get bored.

Facebook was first launched in 2004. It took them ten months to reach a million subscribers and eight years to reach a billion subscribers. It has been growing rapidly since its original launch. Statistics show, every 6 seconds a new user joins Facebook.

Facebook is more popular between the age groups 12-34. However, the Infinite Dial Reports show a steep decline in the number of Facebook users from 58% in 2015 to 32% in 2020, yet it's still the top used social media platform to date.

Interesting facts of Facebook

Most active users of Facebook are from India (290 million), followed by the USA (190 million) and Indonesia (140 million)

Despite Facebook being known for spreading disinformation, supporting the terrorist regimes in the world, people still use it.

The average American user spends about 38 minutes daily on Facebook.

A large percentage of users log in each day and sometimes more than once a day, and a little less percentage of users log in weekly while the rest log in monthly.



Nov 22, 2021

Both stroke and heart attack can occur suddenly and need immediate medical attention. Both are caused by a lack of blood flow to critical parts of the body. A stroke may occur as a result of a blockage in the blood flow to the brain. However, a heart attack occurs as a result of a blockage in blood flow to the heart. Each of the conditions requires different emergency first aid treatment.

  • Stroke:

A stroke is caused when the blood flow is unable to reach the brain. The disruption of blood flow is caused by either blockage or ruptured blood vessels in the brain. In both cases, oxygen is prevented from feeding the brain tissues. In case it happens, the brain cells that are starving for oxygen, start dying rapidly.

  • Symptoms:

Stroke symptoms are the direct outcome of the death of brain cells as a result of lack of oxygen. The symptoms may include any of the following:

  • A severe headache
  • Difficulty in understanding communication or speaking
  • Numbness or weakness in face or limbs, often only on a single side of the body
  • An unexpected loss of balance or dizziness makes walking or other physical activities challenging.
  • Unusual blurriness in both or one eye
  • Heart Attack:

A heart attack happens when blood flow is stopped from reaching the heart. It can severely damage the heart muscles. The cause behind most heart attacks is coronary artery disease. It is a condition in which plaque gets built up in the arteries. The plaque causes the restriction of blood flow over time, forcing the heart to work harder and leading to failed or damaged heart muscles. Similar to brain cells while having a stroke, the heart muscles also start dying when they don't receive enough oxygen from blood flow.

  • Symptoms:

The symptoms of a heart attack may either occur suddenly or build over time steadily like over some hours, or even days. Here are some symptoms of heart attack:

  • Unexplained pain in the shoulders or arm
  • Dizziness, weakness, or fainting
  • Shortness of breath
  • Unexplained pain in the neck, jaws, or back

This condition may also be accompanied by nausea, unusual tiredness, or vomiting. According to research, these symptoms may be more common among women compared to men.

Both of these conditions are life-threatening and require emergency treatment. Hence, respond as quickly as you can and call for help. Furthermore, prevent these diseases from happening in the first place by keeping your lifestyle healthy.


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