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Nov 27, 2021


I think a number of factors could determine this such as the amount of money you have in your pockets to invest in your higher education as well as the subject you are planning to major in.  

if you are planning to study arts and soft sciences, it would be better to explore options in Europe. This is because most Europe countries have a history with art and culture so their institutes are well known for the respective subjects.  

On the other hand, if you are aiming to study science or subjects that include a lot of scientific or medical research, Western countries would be the best options. This is for the reason that they have ample resources and the west is where most technological advancements take place (after china).  

Lastly, a factor that may influence your decision is that higher education is cheaper in Eastern countries as compared to the West. 


Nov 27, 2021


Studying abroad for a well-settled life is a wish that many dreams to see. But why do they wish to migrate to a foreign land? Don't they have good universities in their own country? If they do have, then what attracts the people towards Europe and the West of the world? You will be finding out the answer to it below. 

1. Well-known and recognized universities 

Europe and the West is home to well-reputed universities. They provide vast options of subjects and fields which aren't available in other parts of the world.   

A few of the well-known universities include;

A few of the well-known universities include; 

Harvard University 

Oxford University  

Stanford University 

University of California 

Karolinska University 

2. Scholarship programs 

Europe and USA offer a wide scale of scholarship programs for people who are low on budget. You will have to keep a constant eye on the scholarship programs of the university, you wish to study. Prepare well and in advance. 

3. Widens career options 

Good education = good job.

 Good education at a well-known university=excellent job opportunities. 

Studying abroad widens your horizon of job opportunities and career options.  

4. Great International exposure 

Studying abroad with other foreigners broadens your perspective and encourages you to interact with them. Your friendship with foreigners will enlighten you about their culture, tradition, country, language etc. 

5. Diverse cultural experience 

Since people of different countries come to study abroad, these universities are rich in culture. Several countries participate in the yearly cultural programs held by the university to promote and talk about their country. 

6. Travelling made easy 

Once you arrive in Europe or the West, travelling to other cities and countries nearby gets way too easy. You can hop on the train to enjoy the beautiful view and nature the country possesses.  

7. Advance level of teaching 

The top-notched universities no longer teach traditionally. Robotics is widely encouraged abroad. The universities are built, with an amazing infrastructure, that uses, the advanced level of technology for teaching and learning purposes. They are known to be modern-day pioneers. 

8. Part-time work opportunities 

Almost all the students living abroad, are seen working part-time. It makes their life easier to pay off their education fee to some extent or to survive there (as it is expensive for a student). Also, working makes the student responsible and helps in empowering. 

So, these were a few reasons why students opt for foreign education.