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Oct 15, 2021


Being a cricket lover from childhood, I was always a fan of One day Internationals (ODI) rather than the Test matches as the latter felt quiet dull, boring and slow with non-energetic commentary. On the contrary, the ODI's were full of life and energetic and fast going. It always kept the spectators and audiences at the tip of the toe. 

Cricket has 2 teams and the ODI's have 50 overs each in an innings with 11 batsmen each in a team. The batsmen need to score as many runs as possible within 300 balls having 10 wickets in hand. Then the other team gets to bat and score runs. If the second teams scores target within 300 balls, they win. 

Back then in 90's Australia dominated the game. They remained undisputed World Champions for years. But now its a tough call between several teams like Australia, India and England. 

Cricket has changed considerably over the period of years with new formats and tournaments being introduced frequently. Unfortunately, it has now become a big business rather than just playing simple sports.


Oct 15, 2021


Everyone loves to get entertained. In our busy lives these days, we do not have enough time to sit down and watch the entire match of 9 hours. Hence, my personal choice on choosing the best cricket format would be T20 cricket. 

T20 cricket is played between two domestic teams or between clubs as tournaments whereas T20I is played between two International teams. Both the formats have just 20 overs each for a team.  

The format is fast and lively as compared to other cricket formats. It keeps the person always on the tip of the toe as anything can happen within a blink of an eye in T20. Most of the matches end up in a nail biting finish.  

Currently, the world's best T20I team in England followed by India and then Pakistan. The previous T20I world cup held in 2016 in India was won by West Indies. The runner-up position was held by England.


Oct 29, 2021

All three formats of the game cricket test the player's ability and capability to handle the game pressure. Each format has its unique strategy and game skills leading towards success and winning the game and tournament. Test cricket is the longest format of the game and is known to test the player's consistency and patience both physically and mentally.Test match is played for 5 days straight. Each day has 3 sessions of 2hours each. In total, a minimum of 90 overs is bowled in a day. Hence, the player's strength and focus are widely tested in this format too unlike the ODI's and T20's which are quick, energetic and played for a shorter duration. The only drawback for the test format which I feel is the lack of interest from the spectators' point of view. You would often see empty stands in the cricket stadium, unlike the other formats. Test cricket needs more encouragement and support from the International Cricket Council (ICC)

Nov 22, 2021


There are loads of cricket fans in the world. The love and passion for cricket is crazy all over the entire globe. Now lest talk about my favorite among International cricket, T20 and test match.  


  • Definitely, Test Cricket is the best form of cricket for those who are a true audience of cricket and those who understand cricket. Players get more freedom to express themselves and both batsmen, as well as bowlers, get a fair chance of contributing equally to the game. Further its tests players in all conditions from Day 1 to Day 5. Test cricket is a test of the all-around skills, patience, and stamina of a player.  
  • Test cricket will always be the classic form of the game. Will always be the game that makes waiting for results more endearing. An only a test match can give you the chills of the fourth-innings chase that was built up for four days. Only Test cricket can give bowlers the need to grab wickets instead of stemming run flow. Only test victory can make players cherish their hard work on the field.
  • Every blister that happened on that day's field, gives that extra push to win the match and make the pain worth having. Only test cricket and nothing else makes the batsman play with the presence of mind rather than just blunt force.

Feb 22, 2023

If I have a choice to choose in one day international/test cricket and t20 cricket so I will definitely choose t20 because now everyone is busy so I am and t20 takes very little time to complete the match.It take 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete one inning and after first inning it has 15 minutes breakup and after that 2nd inning takes 1 hour and 45 minutes so if u can calculate so our whole match takes 4 hours to complete.T20 is alo very interesting because it is the shortest format so batsman does not waste their time and start hitting boundaries and try to score runs as fast as they can so it is very interesting and every one love to watch it.