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November 26, 2021


Weekends are what people always look forward to, whether they are working or not.  

Working people plan on relaxing on the weekends or even plan a picnic with their friends or family. Other than that, I wish to wake up late, but that's only a dream when you have a toddler with you.  

Getting up late from the bed. 

Having breakfast ready by someone else. 

Being in PJs all day long. 

Catching up on my missed sleep. 

Watching series or movies. 

Going out for dinner or ice cream

These are things that I dream of doing on a weekend. BUT, what I do and get is the opposite. Weekdays go by so slow while the weekend goes like a roller coaster. It begins and ends in a blink of an eye. The next moment you realize is that it's MONDAY in a couple of hours.




November 26, 2021


I do not believe in having just one special day to celebrate special events like marking a day especially for our parents, siblings, teachers, doctors, professors etc. 

I believe all individuals on Earth need to be respected, treated and known on not just one single day of our lives but throughout the year and our lives.  

Showing love and concern in just one day doesn't serve justice to them. People of all professions work extremely hard, day and night feeding themselves and their families. 

What's the point in treating a few individuals in a very special manner on one day and the next day, treating them like trash? Cooking food for mom on Mother's day, helping dad with his office work on Father's day, helping siblings with their homework on Brother's or Sister's day and so on.  

This trend has to stop immediately. All professions and individuals should celebrate each day of the year in a special and respected manner.


November 22, 2021


People suffer from back pain a lot. The causes of back pain can be many, but not all turn out to be severe. Here are some of the common reasons for back pain: 

1. Slipped discs 

Slipped discs occur due to wear and tear of the soft tissue in between the joints of the stacks of your spine. It may cause pain in the lower back and hip as the nerves are being pressed against each other. 

2. Bulging discs 

Similar to slipped discs, but here the person feels the tissue bulged out. 

3. Degenerative disc disease 

It is common in aged people. The shock absorbers between your spine's vertebrae shrink. It occurs due to wear and tear. 

4. Spondylolisthesis:

A bone typically in the lower back of the spine slips forward. 

5. Accidents 

Accidents, injuries, fall, muscle sprains, incorrect posture and strains are some of the other reasons for back pain. The pain may or may not be severe depending upon the severity of the injury.  


November 22, 2021


Our body has a very strong defence mechanism that builds up to our immune system. The stronger the immune system, the healthier and stronger is the person! 

You can find several ways and techniques to boost your immunity. You may also find foods that contribute to the strengthening of your immunity. 

Sleep well 

Sleeping and immunity are co-dependent on each other. Studies show a good night sleep may boost your metabolism, mood swings and immunity. Sleeping well also keeps our body away from illnesses and diseases. 

Eating healthy food 

Eating foods rich in nutrients and antioxidants like fruits, vegetables, legumes etc., may help the body in fighting against diseases. Nutrients from the food reduce the inflammation of the cells

Eat healthy fats

Fats, on the whole, isn't recommended to be consumed in your regular balanced diet. But, eating foods rich in fatty oil such as Salmon fish and olive oil have proven to be beneficial in combatting foreign bodies. 



November 22, 2021


Makeup is used by many to make themselves look pretty and beautiful. But the fact is that your natural skin and natural beauty are much beautiful and beyond words to describe. You don't need makeup to look good. Here are a few reasons why not to apply makeup to your skin.

1. Allergic reactions

Makeups use a lot of harsh chemicals in them which cause damage to your sensitive skin. Their ingredients mainly comprise acids that cause allergies to your skin. Many times, you may not feel the allergic reaction immediately, but over time your skin may start reacting to it with signs of allergies.

2. Acne problems

Are you applying foundation and makeup to hide your acne? If yes, then you aren't doing the right thing! Makeup clogs your skin pores, making your skin more prone to acne. Fact: Makeup doesn't solve your acne solution, it rather worsens your situation.

3. Love your natural beauty

Many women apply makeup to increase their confidence level. They think artificial beauty and glow are everything a person looks out for, but there are millions out there who prefer to be natural and without any makeup. Try loving yourself, your true beauty lies within you.

4. Wastes time

Women are often known to be late for any event or a trip and the sole reason for it is makeup. Makeup takes time to be applied on. The time you waste on makeup can be utilized by performing some important tasks.


November 22, 2021


Education is important at all stages. Knowledge always makes a person grow and not the opposite. In today's fast-moving world, knowledge and education can make you conquer the world. It can make all your dreams come true.

A high school graduate gets less salary than a masters degree graduate. Also, a masters degree graduate, bags in more benefits such as insurance, transportation and other luxury amenities from the office.

The job market is changing dramatically. Nowadays, in multinational companies and factories, labourers are few as everything has gone computerized that means we need people, students having masters and knowledge in computers. Artificial Intelligence is also coming up in line.

Companies do not just demand a school degree or a bachelor's degree. Companies look for multi-talented candidates that are well versed in their field and have some extra knowledge in other fields, or can speak other languages. Companies also demand employees who are confident and have good communicative skills to display and explain their perspectives and projects. These multi-talented skills can be obtained only with more knowledge and education that can be seen in well-reputed universities.

Well, reputed and connected universities have ties with international universities, helping the graduates to learn, work and explore the lifestyle abroad.


November 22, 2021


Stroke and heart attack are both cardiovascular diseases that occur due to many reasons such as stress, high blood pressure, cholesterol etc.  

Stroke and heart attack may have a few common symptoms, but both can be distinguished easily. Stroke is sudden and accompanied by powerful headaches. Heart attack is also sudden but occurs with chest pain. 

Identifying the attack and pain at the right time may save your life from a loss. 

The common risk factors of stroke and heart attack are; 
  • smoking
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • hereditary
  • age
Diagnosis of stroke and heart attack

With the onset symptoms of stroke, your doctor may ask you to do a CT scan of the brain or MRI.

With the onset symptoms of a heart attack, your doctor may ask you to do an electrocardiogram, commonly called ECG.

What are the causes of the two health problems?Causes of stroke
  • Blockage of an artery in your brain
  • Plaque buildup in the carotid artery carries blood to the brain.
  • Arteries in the brain rupture causing bleeding in the brain. It results in high blood pressure of the arteries.

Causes of heart attack

  • Unlike stroke, in a heart attack, the heart arteries get blocked and not the brain arteries.
  • The coronary artery gets blocked or narrows down, causing difficulty in blood flow.
  • The blockage can be because of a blood clot.
  • It can occur due to the deposition of cholesterol plaque in the arteries.
Treatment of heart attack
  • coronary artery bypass grafting
  • angioplasty 
Treatment of stroke
  •  medication called tissue plasminogen activator
  • surgery

The treatments for both underlying illnesses requires a healthy lifestyle after the procedure for a complete cure.



November 22, 2021


To understand the answer better, let us first know what homeschooling means? 

Homeschooling involves teaching your child, imparting education to your child from home. Yes, you are the teacher here. You decide on the educational curriculum and teach your child from home. Of course, you need to have a lot of patience and time for it.  

Homeschooling was the initial mode of education much before the onset of public and private schools.

Let us compare the benefits and harmful effects of both types of education. 

Homeschooling vs Schooling1. One on one teaching

In homeschooling, the child gets complete attention from you, while in private and public schools, the child cannot get full attention from the teacher as there is not just one child under the teacher's supervision. 

2. Plan your timetable and duration

In homeschooling, the parent knows where the child is lagging. They can focus more on that particular topic for a longer duration and may even give more assignments in the same context until the concept is clear. 

In private and public schools, this luxury isn't available. The teacher isn't aware of what topics the child is not well versed in, or even if they do, the least they can do is write a note in the child's diary and inform the parent as they cannot focus on just one child. 

3. Flexible schedules 

Say goodbye to the busy and cranky mornings and choose your own flexible time for homeschooling. You can change the physical activity time or the breaks according to your and your child's comfort. However, the schools have their own fixed timetable and schedule.

4. Choose your curriculum

You get to decide what to teach and what not to teach. How to teach and how not to teach when it comes to homeschooling. 

5. Expenses

It is a common misconception that homeschooling is less expensive as it has no school fees, transportation charges and stationery charges. But, if we pause and think for a while, homeschooling requires either of the parent's full-time focus, which means one of the paycheck's in the family will come to an end.

6. Inexperience

Public and private schools have experienced, well versed and well planned out curriculum of education. The teachers are experienced and know how to explain the concepts clearly.

In homeschooling, the parent doesn't have much exposure and is limited to equipment, stationery and ideas to teach the child.

7. Difficulty in teaching complex topics and subjects 

Public and private schools have experienced teachers to teach complex subjects such as algebra, calculus, botany, zoology etc. The teachers teach from the basics to the main topics, while it is almost impossible for a homeschooling tutor to teach their child in detail unless they are experts in the respected field. 

8. No socializing

Homeschoolers lack socializing and may also turn out to be shy and silent observers. While the school going students turn out to be bold and brave due to competition and friendship between students. 



November 22, 2021


Choosing subjects for your future depends on what field or profession do you intend to work. 

For example, 

If you intend on becoming an engineer, you should learn physics, mathematics, chemistry and economics primary. Apart from these life sciences subjects- biology is also considered a mandatory subject. 

If you intend on becoming a doctor, you should learn biology, chemistry, mathematics, psychology (optional) as primary subjects. 

If you intend on becoming a scientist, you should learn biology, botany, zoology, virology, mathematics as primary subjects. 

If you intend on becoming a teacher, you should major in the subject you wish to teach to the school or university students. 

If you intend on becoming a banker, you should learn mathematics, economics, business studies, accounts, computers and statistics. 

If you intend on becoming an artist, you should learn art, practice and admire nature. Learn to stay positive at all times to create colourful and creative pieces of art. Learning computers is necessary for editing pictures and videos.

If you intend on becoming an entrepreneur or a businessman, you should learn business studies, accounts, mathematics, statistics, finance and marketing, management as primary subjects. 

In short, regardless of what profession you choose, MAKE SURE YOU ARE GOOD AT IT. With the advancement in the world, Science, Mathematics and Computers seem to be the most demanded and challenging subjects.


November 22, 2021


Most of the population in the world suffered from depression during the quarantine. For some, quarantine was for a couple of weeks, but for many, it was several months.  

Since man is a socio-active person, limiting the physical and social contact to almost zero within just a few days for an indefinite period was like a shock for us. It was something we had heard and learnt in school but never thought of experiencing it at a personal level. 

Having said the above, many of us suffered from mental stress, mental torture and depression during these horrific times. Personally, living in a family with diversity in the age groups ranging from infant-child-teenager-adults-senior citizens. I have seen, felt, and experienced it all.   

Undoubtedly, the people who are more physically active by stepping out of the house daily for work, studies etc., were not the only ones who were severely affected but, the aged were more stressed and mentally disturbed due to the noise in the house. They could no longer bear the loud noises of their kids or grandchildren for long hours. 

The youngsters- children and toddlers were affected at a different level. Since they are more physically hyper and fit than the rest of the generations, the kids are used to playing outside, hanging out with friends and neighbours, cycling, playing sports etc. All of this had to come to an end for them too. Instead of enjoying their past time with their favourite thing to do, they were forced on doing it indoors for a long time, causing them the lack of social interaction among people at a very young of the basic foundation of one's life 

Coming to the infants, they were the least affected mentally wise, as they just bloomed into the world. They don't know what the world is like outside. 

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