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Feb 25, 2021




I've been into stock and crypto trading for over 8 years and I believe that Tesla stock is highly overvalued. Tesla stock peaked somewhere around Jan 2021 and since it has been trending downwards. The reason is that the annual revenue of the company doesn't justify its valuation. 

Within the span of only 1 year (Jan 2020 - Jan 2021), the stock price went around x10, reaching the overall market cap of over 750 billion USD. This was mainly the result of hype and Elon Musk probably spent billions on marketing. 



Oct 22, 2021

The stock fundamentals are illusory and way overvalued. In fact the entire stock market is over valued and inflationary pressure is absorbed into the stock market. That's one of the places central bank printing is flowing, and flowing in the popular favorites, like Tesla.