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May 16, 2022


When my wife went on a trip (she is an air hostess) I used to stick as many toothpicks in a potato as there were days she was away. My son (3 or 4 years old at the time) took out a toothpick every night: I had explained to him that when he took out the last toothpick, that meant his mum would be home the next day. One evening, he told me I'm going to take out all the remaining toothpicks (there were three left), so mom will be home tomorrow!


May 16, 2022


Recently I was driving my lovely car. I was taking a turn when a little boy on the right on the sidewalk (we were in the countryside) points his toy gun (toy gun! No, but we hear each other talking?!) at my car and shoots. I hear a click! on my bodywork and I stop my car on the roadside 30 meters away. I go up the sidewalk, pissed, to yell at the kid who must have been 5 years old, accompanied by a woman obviously not his mother. The kids!

I say “No, but it's not possible! Do you realize that you can damage car bodies like that? Or not? »

The sympathetic woman apologizes for her. I'm calming down already.

“I'm sorry, said the lady, I already explained to her, sorry! Can you hear Tim* (name protected for privacy)? I have already explained to you! »

I continue: “Not possible anyway! What's his mom's name? "It's Mrs. Martin** (name protected for obvious reasons of strict confidentiality..)".

I don't know Mrs. Martin.

"And what is their address, at the Martin family?" »

The lady scratches her head.

“Uh… uh…”

And the kid: “I live 2 blocks away from here, the 5th Street! 


Aug 11, 2022

This one time, I was walking with my cousin (she's about 4 years of age) in the street and she was telling me about how sporty she is. So, on the side of the roads, in front of this house, bricks were placed in a manner that they were all slanted and supported one another forming a whole boundary. And as you would imagine, those bricks were some 2 inches high from the ground, so she stepped on those bricks (while holding my hand) and started walking on them. She would put one foot in front of another and move forward. So I said "wow, you are so good at this! How old are you?" and she responded with, "I'm 4 years old, I'm almost an adult now". It made me laugh at the moment and got framed as probably one of my core memories. I loved how confident and firm she was in a statement that was so far from reality! As if adults were called adults because they could walk on bricks. 

Aug 31, 2022

So, one of my cousins is 6 years old and she has a sister who is 4 years old. And they live in a different country so they don't visit frequently, perhaps once after two years or so. So, the last time that they came, the 6-year-old was asking me about my profession (I am a student of Psychology) and when I told her that, she was flabbergasted! She wanted to know some 'tips and tricks' to know when someone is lying and typically, I told her what is a common myth around people (if someone can't look you in the eye, that means they're lying) and she goes, "I knew it, once my little sister ate my cookies and when I asked her, she kept looking at the roof". She sounded so stern and satisfied with herself like she'd figured out some huge murder mystery, I couldn't help but laugh.