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Jan 28, 2022


Intermittent fasting consists of going for long hours, more than ten hours without eating. The reason why we observe weight loss is that the body finally has the opportunity to rest and therefore to regenerate. It will consume the fat and therefore release the toxins trapped in the fat.

Be careful, it is not a question of “skipping breakfast”, but of leaving time between the last meal in the evening and the first meal in the morning. If you eat early in the evening, as our parents did, you will finish the meal around 7:00 p.m. At seven o'clock in the morning, you will have gone twelve hours without eating and you will feel in great shape. If you have a glass of water and fruit around 8 a.m., the effects will last well and you will be really hungry by 12 or 1 p.m.

Now, many people “compensate” because they are used to eating quite heavy things in the morning (butter bread, ham, etc.). They are afraid of running out so they double the lunch portion and gain weight. These people will tell you that intermittent fasting doesn't work.

However, intermittent fasting is not for weight loss, it's a new way of life. It allows you to enjoy life more, to sleep better, to feel light. If you do it like a diet and go back to your bad habits, you will have the result you have now, which is excess weight. Therefore, see it as a starting aid for a definitive life change. You will only feel better in the long run and your body will thank you.


Jan 28, 2022


To lose weight, the method is simple, you just have to reduce your calorie intake, of course, you may be a little tired, but at least it works every time, so if you delete a meal, you're easier than eating less. each yes it can be effective.

(a healthy diet that lasts a lifetime, not just the time to lose a little weight, otherwise, the extra pounds will come back at a gallop) 


Jan 28, 2022


If we don't make up for the calories saved, yes. The duration for a woman about 14 hours, for a man 16 hours, over 24 hours.
Fasting once a week is enough to lose weight. It is important to exercise enough so that you don't lose muscle. Once the weight has been lost, we can gently begin to balance the caloric balance. To be fit and well in your body, you can continue as long as it feels good: intermittent fasting plus sport: really good for the body and the mind.

Feb 03, 2022


If I was to pick one effective way to lose weight, it wouldn't be intermittent fasting, haha. It would be hitting the gym and consistently keeping up with your routine. But intermittent fasting would certainly be my second most preferred option for losing weight. No other diet plan or method to lose weight has received this amount of positive feedback as intermittent fasting has.  

It is the new thing people try and take part in to drop those extra kg's and it is as worth it as it gets. I am a huge fan of keto because I have second handedly experienced it effects through my best friend's weight loss journey. Her weight was resistant and no matter how hard she tried or how much she cut out fattening foods from her diet, her weight remained the same. That was up until she began following a keto diet a long with intermittent fasting.  

It wasn't always easy for her to keep up with it, especially at first. Longer hours of fasting with smaller eating windows is ideal but it isn't something you should kick start your journey from. It will only have your sugar levels dropping and you having to spend the entire day with a memorable headache. Theremore, you might want to start off easy and get your body used to this new schedule. Once you've accustomed to it, it will feel like a whole lifestyle and one of the best choices you made!