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May 16, 2022


It was to take revenge on the one I loved and she was my girlfriend at the same time. (She liked to make me suffer morally and psychologically. For several days she made me suffer this and pushed me away whatever I did to make love. There was no reason "who deserves it" .. I then understood that it gave her great pleasure to make me experience this.

One morning , when she left for work and I was still in bed , a colleague came knocking at the door . (this same colleague may make advances but I pushed her away. She went for something else and to be forgiven. I opened the door without making sure who it is.. Then I was still in bed. I didn't don't know and I can't explain my gesture until now. took hands without a word and entered the bedroom where we had sex. It was the first and the last.


Aug 07, 2022

I don't think it's possible to cheat on someone you love, and when I say love I truly do mean it. if you're just inclined towards someone or have developed an attachment, you are still capable of being attracted to another person enough to do something about the attraction, perhaps try and satisfy it as well. 
Before I met my husband, I used to find guys cute all the time, even the little things meant a lot to me but from the moment that I got to know my now husband, I don't think I've found anyone even remotely attractive. He and I do sometimes discuss how hot the male lead is in a movie, but that's about it. And I can never imagine cheating on him, knowing he's helped me grow so much. So, if you cheat on the person that you're committed to, you're not really in love with them and it's best to respect both their feelings.