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May 18, 2022

Taxi drivers

Before Uber sold its self-driving car division in late 2020, there was a joke that Uber drivers were about to quit their jobs as Uber reinvested millions of dollars in fare revenue into its unmanned vehicle project. bottom. The

 Uber self-driving car is plagued by problems, but I'm still struggling to keep taxi drivers out of date in the next decade. If you run a taxi business, it would be ridiculous to pay someone to drive a car for you when you have a car that can drive yourself!

 Demand may leave the human-powered taxi market, but these will struggle to survive as automation lowers prices.


May 18, 2022


The double skills "data analyst" and another:

Marketing (almost already mandatory)

Monitoring of networks, equipment, traffic,

Police: web terrorism or malevolence and cybercrime...

Real estate. Production… 

In my opinion, data science and data presentation should be seen as the evolution of the use of excel and the data vessels of yesteryear...

It is a modern and soon to be essential tool given the proliferation of data exchanges. And 5g will increase this with even more small connected devices and services offered at a lower cost and therefore automated to the maximum.


May 18, 2022


Hello, hope you are doing well,

Professions related to raw materials I think that I have the impression that a trade war and a kind of isolationism will arise in France and in certain European countries. Thus, local production could greatly increase. After that it's just a guess, it's unfounded.

hope you like my answer


May 18, 2022


All the jobs that kill us: IT, agri-food, banking, oil, gas, plastics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, transport,

You will have to be a peasant or break the slab.

And tool-maker, peddler, grinder, rag-picker, and.

Everything will be done on foot, and by hand, and no one will work more than 4 hours a day on average.

I said!


May 20, 2022


Automation: 5 jobs that will never disappear, and 5 that will be gone by 2030
April 29, 2022

For at least the last 30 years – even longer depending on what movies you have seen – we have heard stories about the impending collapse of the human workforce. You know how it goes. Robots are going to come along and take our jobs. Eventually, artificial intelligence (AI) becomes self-sufficient, and we all die anyway, at which point we will not need a job.

The thing is, in much the same way as we were meant to have flying cars by now, much of what we were told would happen, has not actually happened.

Yet, the use of automation and AI continues to drive everything from fears about the job market to the political debate around policies like universal basic income.