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Dec 22, 2021




I become a lioness when my children or those I love are touched. I can be terrible (you can't see it, I look so sweet like that) ...

And when people lie to me. I am unable to do this on my own, and I have a good lie radar. I get cold and distant and when I am lost, I usually don't come back.


Dec 22, 2021

Anger: that's why I learned to control it. We know it: anger can do anything and can give a disproportionate response to the grievance suffered. Hundreds of examples in our entourage or in the news section demonstrate this. Let us remember the singer of Noir Desir and the death of Marie Trintignant, for example ...


Dec 22, 2021

A few years ago I worked with someone who had very little self-confidence. A fiftieth, a sales executive, control freak and overwhelmed with a drop of water. When I started out, she liked to remember that she was the "boss" and only calmed down a bit when I too, by climbing the ladder, was able to give orders like a "boss", whereas I was 21 years old and more than twice as old.

In his contact, I saw many resignations, logical since few resist for a long time the proximity of a toxic person, it is necessary to flee at a time. But I have also seen people with a lump in their stomachs, blocked in their development by an incompetent person who was afraid that they would steal their place. I've seen him turn down candidates who had it all, just to protect themselves, and I've seen employees cry because of his behavior. There or for me, a manager must raise his subordinates, I saw completely the opposite. A true manager has succeeded when it is no longer essential for his team, because they are trained, autonomous, and confident. Wanting to play the guards all the time is totally counterproductive.

These people bring out the worst in me. I do not hesitate to use all my repartee to reduce them to nothing. Because it is very easy to attack smicard who cannot defend themselves because they need money to feed their children. It is a dark cowardice, and I saw this cowardice with my own eyes.

I was not under her command, and I was more efficient than she at work. So more than once, I had to show her that I was biting harder than her, so that she would come to see me on her tiptoes before I left the company. Something I hate to do because humanly it doesn't help, but this kind of haughty, gratuitous and mean behavior from someone who doesn't even have enough skill to do their job properly, it just doesn't work out. me. I hope the people who have left have found much better heaven to rise professionally and humanely than the hell she brought them through.


Dec 22, 2021

I wish I could answer this question objectively or from the perspective of a third person. But unfortunately, all I have is my subjective reality and self-analysis.  

Personally, I think if someone pinches at my sensitive spots (traumas and unpleasant experiences) that I still haven't healed from, I become the worst version of myself. It feels as though a splinter of fire goes on inside me and then the rational, patient part of me loses control completely. Afterward, I am a beast who isn't afraid of biting someone's head off.  

In addition to this, I think anger can really change who I am as a person. Conventionally, I don't get angry often, it's probably once in a blue one that I feel rage running through my veins but those rare occasions are horrifying.  

I remember the last time I felt extremely angry, I screamed so loud I could feel my veins bulging out, blood rushing to my blood, and everything around me losing its significance. I was being so loud I couldn't even hear myself. But in my defense, I was that angry at something which had been reoccurring for as long as I can remember. After ages, I lost my patience even though I thought I could stretch it a little more.