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Jan 12, 2022


Living things have no "role" to play in nature, they have needs, and are all programmed to survive, otherwise, their species will disappear. This is as true for the so-called "natural life" as it is for any social life.

What we call "nature" is a human myth, organized human social life is part of nature, if only through our links with viruses and bacteria, and this is not always harmful.

Humans have always had multiple roles to play and diverse interests. We do not have a single role in nature, nor do we have a single role in human society. Both individually and in the social groups to which we belong.

Diversity of roles as well as societal visions

To consider “a role” is very simplifying. It is a whole reorganization that must be considered to act differently in the so-called natural environment, and that is not likely to be done without time. There are a lot of possible variations, and it cannot be done in a hurry. Like any ideology, the “desire to preserve nature”, a political ecology, could be subject to excesses, deviationists, obeying other societal concerns, or power interests:

deviationism from the authoritarian "Pol Pot", with re-education and/or genocide;

business deviationist, with publicity, media propaganda, to promote "safe" products, and line their pockets;

political deviationism, with quarrels of experts to drown the fish, and the sole objective of winning the elections with televised nonsense;

militarist deviationism, the army supposedly having only the technical, logistical and strength means for ecological and humanitarian emergencies;

populist deviationism, using the indignation of the raging crowds, and the gutter press, and in a more modern way the emotions propagated on the "net";

quasi-religious deviationism, with great pontiffs, councils, ex-communications, and why not a few ecological pyres ...


Jan 12, 2022


The role is not, a utility, for some species it will be to be part of the food chain, for others it will be to occupy space while being adapted to it, and for us it is the same, to perpetuate the species, by procreating. And this is where we missed the boat. Adaptable to the environment, we have adapted it to our advantage.

Man ill with acquired reasoning ability. And so, what is the natural rule of selection is undermined through care. Good for us, too bad for the Earth. So we are at 7 billion, in the process of building our disappearance, leaving no room for the species that are necessary for us.

Our role, only the one we have overstepped, believes us to be different from the rest, and we grant usurped rights.

The naked man in the savannah serves as prey for predators. Our luck, throw stones and take sticks.


Jan 12, 2022


Man has always acted as an exploiter and consumer predator for his environment. We have ignored that we are alive among an innumerable wealth of other living beings and can only subsist in connection with them, so in the future, we should review all the basic foundations of our model of the society of overconsumption.

Initially, on the current place of the living in the dominant economic theory, quick to consider it only from the angle of capital to grow.

Secondly, there is the need to move from the living in the economy to the integration of the economy into the living, via a redesigned bioeconomic.

Finally, to outline certain avenues for rethinking economics more broadly as a set of reflections on a good life in a viable world.


Feb 13, 2022

Human beings are given the most useful thing on this planet that no other individual was given and that is the ability to think. We can think about how to improve in life and how to make things better around us. We can also predict the future based on the past and present. Humans are capable of understanding the science behind the environment and ways of preserving the resources. So, I think our role is to modify this world and enhance the lifestyle of its people. We need to use the amazing brain that was given to us to think about how we can contribute our part in making this world a better place. If we don't think about the lives on this earth, which includes animals and plants too, we don't be able to save them either. 

Sep 08, 2022


All living things do have their roles to play in nature. Every living thing has different roles and all of them diligently play those roles. As a human, our role in nature is to take care of our environment along with the people around us. We are alive because of nature. we’re breathing because all the trees and plants around us provide us with oxygen. We can do our part by planting more trees by holding large-scale plantation drives or we can even plant 2-3 trees every week. We can save the environment by keeping it clean including using trash cans to throw the garbage, by using electric and battery-operated cars instead of conventional cars as they emit carbon monoxide which is extremely dangerous for the environment and for the ozone layer too. These little actions can make a big difference as only humans can protect or harm the environment.