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May 04, 2021


Mostly cricket is popular in countries where there were British colonies like India, Australia, South Africa, Sri lanka etc.

For some people, Cricket is a boring sport but for others the tournaments are celebrated as festivals , example: India - IPL. It is a popular believe that cricket doesn't require any strategy, physical attributes or strength but the reality is quite quite opposite to this popular belief as these are key features to play Cricket.


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  • Rukhiya

    May 25, 2021


    The game Cricket isn't a new generation's game nor a new era's game. It was first played by the Britishers long ago and was brought to the other countries.

    The game Cricket is the second most popular game in the World after Soccer (Football in some countries.) It is manged by ICC (International Cricket Council.)

    The Cricket World Cup is held once in every 4 years. The current World Champion is England.

    Cricket is played in many countries across the globe. In India, the cricket craze is to such an extent that the people worship the players and perform religious acts and prayers for the win.




    Jan 20, 2023


    Cricket is a popular sport in some countries because it has a rich history and cultural significance.It originated in England in the 16th century and was later introduced in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Australia. These countries have a strong cricketing tradition and have produced some of the best players in the world. Cricket has also become an important part of the national identity in these countries, with the sport being closely tied to their history and culture. 

    Cricket has a strong fan base in those countries, with many people tuning in to watch live matches on television or attending games in person. 

    Cricket is also considered as a gentlemen's game which is played with great spirit and sportsmanship. The popularity of the sport in those countries reflects a strong bond between cricket and the culture of those countries.