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Apr 13, 2022





Gold Coast is one of many "coastal areas" in Florida, including the coast, Exploration Beach, West Coast and First Beach. Like many others, it appears to be retreating as the country has experienced strong growth. A 1982 study by Ari J. Lam and Raymond K. Oldkowski in Florida shows that these areas are characterized by "high living costs and attractive lifestyles".

A 2007 study by the same authors found that Gold Coast is still one of the most popular Florida areas in the state, but it is limited to Miami-Dade and Breward, Miami-Pat. Fort Lauderdale area. Some have identified Palm Beach and Martin Counties as part of a new area, Treasure Beach, which also includes John. Lucy and the Indian River. They suggested that the Treasury Coast would develop due to the negative associations created by the Gold Coast and the desire to diversify the Miami area.


May 15, 2022

These are two subjects of which I do not see the possible connections Ask the question about the spiritual history of the least well-known continent, apart from its basements. or ask questions in countless books on colonization, or research practical global colonization used by all groups of humans. Don't forget to learn some basic anthropology and migrations over the 300 million years. who precedees. To answer your double question well, look for all the movements of homo abilis and homo sapiens during the different climate changes and on the life of the fauna and flora. Then the one who will tackle this work will have a lot of work to put in place the history of the peoples of Africa which for some have been great civilizations with traces of life and ruins and even churches in the horn of africa dug and shaped in large holes including one of She would hold the Ark of the Covenant which stayed in the Jewish temple in Jerusalem. You will learn how these peoples knew how to build palaces made of a kind of reeds tied together in large bundles placed next to each other to build buildings with large vaults almost giving the appearance of a cathedral to these magnificent structures. Very few states and Ministries include all this history in their program You should find a series of broadcasts from the Planet channel of Canal sat which had shown well what it was allowed to show. With beautiful illustrations and a very cheerful presenter how Africa had been a continent which had nothing to envy to the fertile crescent plasue in its center the Persian civilizations. especially not through dominations but through realities highlighted by the notion of Diversifications of the living more and more obligatory highlighted by the notions of biotopes and epigenetics links with the Environments and the Plan of nature through the Multiverses notion also in installation like matter and dark energy and these parallel universes resulting from the work of some on what quantum physics is difficult at first but which will give meaning to the future of Man through the mission of living beings on a lot of planets in the Different World.


May 15, 2022

A town located about 30km southeast of Brisbane, in the southeastern part of Queensland, Australia, on the Gold Coast. It stretches approximately 40km along the southeastern coast of the state, from Paradise Point along the Pacific Highway to Coolangatta on the New South Wales border. Cross-border Tweed Heads in New South Wales is also part of the Gold Coast's urban complex.

 buildings including Q1 (Center), an apartment resort on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

 The city is primarily a chain of beach resorts and attracts surfers such as North Cliff, Broadbeach, Mermaid Beach, Surfers Paradise, Nobbys, Miami, Burley Heads, Palm Beach, Currumbin, Tallebudgera, Tugunbilinga and Kira. There is a beach. .. Southport is an administrative center. After the deregulation in 1952, there was a major architectural boom. The area was promoted to urban status in 1959. Area attractions include a bird sanctuary and an animal sanctuary. The light industry is carried out there and is mainly related to the tourism industry. Population surges during Christmas holidays. The Pacific Motorway, the main transportation link between the Gold Coast and Brisbane, opened in 2000.


May 16, 2022

Gainsbourg accumulated all the vices: can we still love him today? Gainsbourg and vices? I think he made provocation his business. Besides, it's quite amusing to see his character evaluated over time. He played on his image of declining Gainsbard to maintain himself in the 80s when he had already given his best... I also remember a word from him: "I returned my jacket when I realized that it was lined in mink." His songs ? There is a bit of everything, refrain, plagiarism, somewhat unfortunate copying, diversion, zero degree of provocation (Lemon incest) and…. some jewelry. I am not one of those who accompany him like the last accursed poet. There is, in my opinion, much more talent and as much tragedy in Brel. But songs like "Elisa", "I came to tell you", and almost all those from the Melody Nelson period have something timeless and touching about them. Yes, "I think we can still love him today, but we have to sort it out and above all not be too interested in the legend he has become part of..."

May 16, 2022

The Australian Gold Coast tourism slogan, “Famous for Fun”, is a truth in two halves. Located 94km south of Brisbane, the Gold Coast is famous – for the lowbrow glamour of Surfers Paradise, an over-the-top beach area packed with high-rise buildings and a cluster of theme parks. Gold Coast, section of the coast of the Gulf of Guinea, in Africa. It extends approximately from Axim, Ghana, or nearby Cape Three Points, in the west to the Volta River in the east and is so called because it was an important source of gold.


May 18, 2022

Gold Coast City lies in the southeast corner of Queensland, to the south of Brisbane, the state capital. The Albert River separates the Gold Coast from Logan City, a local government area south of the City of Brisbane. 

 Gold Coast City stretches from the Albert River, Logan River, and Southern Moreton Bay to the border with New South Wales (NSW) approximately 56 km (35 mi) south, and extends from the coast west to the foothills of the Great Dividing Range in World Heritage listed Lamington National Park. 

 The southernmost town of Gold Coast City, Coolangatta, includes Point Danger and its lighthouse. Coolangatta is a twin city with Tweed Heads located directly across the NSW border. At latitude 28.1667 degrees south and longitude 153.55 degrees east, this is the easternmost point on mainland Queensland (the point lookout on the island off the coast of North Stradbroke Island is a bit east). Holiday resorts and surfing beaches extend about 40 km north from Coolangatta to the outskirts of Main Beach, then to Stradbroke Island. The suburbs of Southport and Surfers Paradise form the commercial center of the Gold Coast. The main river in the region is the Nerang River. Much of the land between the coastal zone and the hinterland was once a wetland drained by this river, but the wetland has been converted into an artificial channel (more than 160 miles [31] long, or canal long). 9 times or more). An artificial island covered with (Venice, Italy) and luxury homes. The heavily constructed coastline lies in the sandbars of the narrow barriers between these waterways and the sea


May 18, 2022

It's quite common: In Switzerland, the capital BERNE is only the 5th city behind Zurich, Geneva, Basel, and Lausanne

In Turkey, ANKARA is the second city behind Istanbul

In Brazil, the capital BRASILIA is only the 4th city behind Sao Paulo, Rio, and Salvador

In Australia, the capital CANBERRA only comes in 7th position behind Sidney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast

And in the Netherlands, the capital DEN HAAG only comes in 3rd position behind Amsterdam and Rotterdam

And I'm sure there are still quite a few other countries in this case...