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May 15, 2022


I'm a freelance writer who started making money online through a freelance platform. My first and most successful was Freelancer.com.

 The trip was difficult, especially as a young man who had just graduated from college lived in an unemployed area with a high school diploma. I started writing for my client and was paid $ 0.5 per 500 words.

 One day, I was asked by this UK client, "Are you familiar with cryptocurrencies and blockchain?" The answer was no. So he said, "I'm going to pay you to learn this technique, and I want you to focus on Bitcoin." My client wanted to add a cryptocurrency expert to their team but didn't know how to fit well at an affordable price. That explains why he was willing to spend money on me to learn technology and contribute to his team.

 boom. It was just March 2017. The salary wasn't encouraging, but I love learning new things, so I accepted the deal. As such, the future blockchain and cryptocurrency leaders were born of me.

 I started with Bitcoin, generally moved to cryptocurrencies, and finally to my mother herself, blockchain technology. Since then, I haven't looked back. From the

 cryptocurrency and Bitcoin mining course to the introduction of Allison, Blockchain For Business: Hyperledger Technologies of the Linux Foundations, I learned a lot. I recently received an Intro to Blockchain for Business badge from IBM.

 As a technology that is still in its infancy, we will do our best to face it.

 By the way, if someone wants my college certificate, I can offer it at an affordable price. Since I found a new path, do I need that certificate as well?


May 17, 2022


I first heard of crypto in 2013 when bitcoin crashed so hard and the next year it pumped above the sky . I heard of crypto due to loss of many millions and many people comitted sucide due to the bitcoin dump that year . From then till now i have been  learning about crypto.