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I was a consultant in a large firm. That day I had a big file to return. So I let my colleagues go to lunch to finish. I needed administrative information. In the middle of lunch hour, I doubted that an assistant would be available to communicate it to me. However, one of them was available on the corporate social network. So I sent her my request through this internal company chat, hoping that she could answer me quickly. My expectations were more than met. Not only did she answer me immediately, but also provided me with an additional document that I was going to need. She had just saved me precious time. So I thanked her very much for her help.

As soon as I received my thanks, she replied, thanking me in turn. Indeed the consultants had a bad reputation with the assistants. Few thanked them and acknowledged their work. Yet we need their help so badly! As I saw that my case was coming to an end thanks to her, I was much more relaxed. So I prolonged the exchange which was not long in deviating. I don't remember how either of them made a sexual innuendo. What is certain is that the other responded tit for tat. So much so that we started to warm up by chat, while we were each at our respective desks.

So much so that I was beginning to feel some excitement. I wrote to him that we had to stop there because I was starting to have a hard-on, which is quite embarrassing in a costume. Indeed, in all modesty, it shows! She replied that she did not believe me and since I do not like people to doubt my word, I suggested that she come to my office to check, thinking that she would never dare and that I could calm down.

Thirty seconds later, she opened the door to my office! I couldn't believe it! Not only did she dare to come, but she also said to me, looking at my fly: "so how are you getting hard? Go show it!". And since I'm a well-behaved boy, I lowered my fly and pulled out my cock. His wide-open eyes and mouth said a lot about his surprise!

As I am a natural player, I told myself that I too was going to dare, and outbid. So I said to him: "as long as you're here, take a photo for me to keep as a memory". I then handed her my smartphone, telling myself that she would run away. Well, not at all! Not only did she take the picture, but asked me to take a special break!


Feb 08, 2022

One fine day, when I was new to the company, my superior explained to me that selling consisted of nothing more or less than "Convincing the client that you cut the best p*p*s there are!" Mimicking the scene so effectively that I walked out of the room, slamming the door hard enough for a frame to come off the wall.

I have never been so uncomfortable in my professional life. I don't know if it came from the unfortunate marker or from the sound effects… but I wasn't expecting that at all. But, I think the worst thing was having my suspenders pulled up afterward by an older colleague. "You're stupid after that, he would have invited you to his house and you would have been promoted. It works like that here." The implication left no room for the slightest illusion about the purpose of the said evening…

I'm ready to sacrifice a lot to keep a job, but I still want to keep something, you know… Dignity!


Feb 08, 2022

A long time ago when I was young and still discovering myself, I worked in a grocery store as a cashier and there was a young man slightly older than me who was eyeing me and me too. At each shift we had our little game of seduction, exchanged glances, little winks, and so on.

One evening when I was closing the store, I was working with him and a few other people. I asked him to get something from the storage behind the store. By the time he came back I was leaving for my break and I met him behind. That's when we kissed with great passion like two young new lovers.

You will say that there is nothing very inappropriate… but I forgot to mention that it was the girlfriend of this guy who replaced me at my checkout during my break when I was kissing his boyfriend in the "backstory".


Sep 12, 2022

When I first started working as a content writer, I began working with this man in his academic organization. Initially, I didn't know it was illegal to do someone's academic work for them so that is what I did. For a couple of months it went on like that, although he delayed my payments frequently but I figured it would get better (I needed the money at that time anyways). Later on, the man who I was working with, this 'apparent' boss asked me to call him in the middle of the night because he had to share some information about work. I was pretty taken aback and awkward at first because why couldn't it wait till the morning? But I called him anyways and soon enough it became a regular thing, he would ask me to call him up at the most awkward hours and talk about the randomest things. idk what the deal was with this guy but I quit the job afterwards so.