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Feb 08, 2022




I was 12 years old.

I had my period for the third time in my life.

My parents left for the office without leaving me my pocket money. My mom forgot to buy a new pack of sanitary napkins.

There was no one to help me at that time. Already, I was ashamed because having your period is still taboo in India.

I had a check-up 2 hours later at school and I was bleeding like a drop of…well…blood.

I was home alone. I didn't want to miss my exam because my parents always demanded academic excellence.

So I took out a freshly washed sock and stuffed it with cotton.

I tied it to my panties with a strip of cotton fabric.

Only girls can understand the comedy of this situation. Anyway, I was saved thanks to this crazy idea… on that desperate day, a long time ago :)


Feb 08, 2022

I was in love with a woman who lived in another country. I was stuck in my own country doing my studies. She grew impatient and couldn't stand the long-distance relationship any longer. When she came to visit me at the end of the year, I made the craziest promise of my life “I promise you that I will establish our lives both in your country in 2 or 3 months. “She returned to her country at the beginning of the following year with my promise in mind. I didn't have a penny, nobody to help me so I started to like it was the last thing I would do in my life. I had waves of partials. The little free time I spent learning her native language that I didn't speak at all, looking for a job to be near her and use it to validate my diploma internship. I slept little and worked at night to pay for my transportation. In February of the famous year, I spoke the language fluently, I was taken on as a manager right next to her house and I had a roof in her country. From there we lived together, and I fulfilled my promise.


Feb 08, 2022

2:37 p.m., completely out of motivation, sitting at my desk.

After watching a fly for a good minute and a half (this is not a metaphor), I grab my iPod. I turn on the radio for the first time in months in the hope of rekindling the spark of life that is slowly leaving me.

I stare at my computer screen, more or less aware of the songs playing through my headphones.

After about ten minutes, I come across You can leave your hat on by Joe Cocker.

I sketch a smile and say to myself:

Damn girl, if you start rocking out to THE quintessential striptease music, sitting at your desk, in your pajamas, wrapped up in your plaid when you have your work cut out for you, I'll leave you to your fate.

After 30 seconds I start fidgeting.

Subtly at first.

Only at the beginning, to be completely honest.

It degenerated.

I started to make improbable movements and impossible to restrain myself.

Too much grooving.

Too much sensuality.

My office is near the window.

I imagined one of my neighbors across the way looking over here and seeing me raise my arms, deep into my chores, a head butt to the right, a head butt to the left, and we wave.

Give me everything baby. Unleash the tigress inside you. Oh YEAHHH.

Tin nin ninnin niiiiiiiiiiin! YOU CAN LEAAAAAAAVE YOUR HAT OOON!

It made me laugh (too much) and I went to Youtube to find myself a playlist of all the old hits from the 80s.

It's almost 9 p.m.

I am writing this answer on YMCA.

I can no longer stop myself.


Sep 12, 2022

So me and my cousin have a huge knack for trying out new places aka restaurants but the dilemma is that we hate dressing up or getting out of the house, but thanks to uber, we don't have to leave the house anymore, the food is delivered instead. So this one time I remember, the entire family is over for a national festive holiday and even the both of us had had dinner, we were the only ones awake and we can't control our hunger. But at the same time we couldn't order food as well because it was 2:30 a.m and it would have been extremely unsafe, also we would probably get scolded if someone found out. So we came up with an effective solution using a rope, a laundry basket and the balcony. we tied one end of the rope to the balcony ceiling and the other we pushed all the way down to the gate so that delivery boy (who couldn't stop laughing) could put in the pizza. I was certain the rope was going to break but somehow it didn't and the plan worked!