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Jan 17, 2022




An elderly lady slipped, she fell on her knees in the rain… I was in the car…. I saw people pass near her, they continued on their way, leaving her on the ground, they were looking straight ahead as if she were invisible.

it's really maddening.

I parked on the side of the road and my daughter went to see her…

We live in an inhuman world


Jan 17, 2022

Heard on the radio this morning, the interview of an antivax nurse.

That she is against the vaccine, it is her right, but she has a job where she rubs shoulders with fragile people.

But the worst is that she dares to say that her two daughters wanted to be vaccinated and that she forbade them. That they had to let their mother "fight".

No but WTF.

She threatened to quit her job. Personally I say yes. Quit your job. I refuse to let anyone in my family be treated by someone like you, just as I wouldn't let a dentist treat me with hands full of dirt.

Each profession has its tacit and written rules. If you're not ready to follow them, change jobs. Doctors take the Hippocratic oath.

I feel like I see the Pro Trumps who have been laughed at for 4 years.


Jan 17, 2022

Every time I take this big avenue that crosses Montreal, avenue du Parc, I see homeless people living on the streets and begging for food. Some sleep there… on the sidewalks. Most of them are Inuit and aboriginals who end up here as in the other large urban centers of the country and are unable to integrate there, far from their environment, their traditions and their way of life. We note a similar situation in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where distress jumps in your face at every street corner. Poverty, alcoholism, disease, mental health problems, all of this is unspeakably sad.