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I recently boarded this airdrop from Tilph.

 Tiluf is a decentralized mixed reality enterprise whose purpose is to create the first metaverse of this kind, which is fully decentralized. This means that not all data will be collected and stored and will be sold to advertising agencies or governments.

 Tiluf will release a dedicated airdrop for tokenized TLF coins. These coins are valuable because they are practical. Coins are used within a mixed reality platform for selling and buying NFTs. This makes coins always valuable as long as people are using them. The

 prizes are:

 A total of 400 $ USDT + 10,000 $ TLF + 100 Tiluf ARNFT will be randomly distributed to 100 participants.

 A total of 600 $ USDT + 5,000 $ TLF + 50 Tiluf ARNFT will be distributed to the top 60 referrals. All

  participants will receive $ 10 TLF coins each.


May 16, 2022


The answer is MetaMask

MetaMask is one of the widely used cryptocurrency wallets. A possible airdrop has been rumored to be in the pipeline for a long time. 

The possibility of MetaMask releasing its token, dubbed MASK, has been widely discussed and was mentioned several times by the MetaMask team.

The revelation comes after ConsenSys CEO Joe Lubin tweeted last November, in response to speculation, that ConsenSys may not want tokens on its balance sheet as JPMorgan has a stake in the firm As influencers spread the rumors of a possible airdrop on social media, activity through MetaMask Swap “has seen a huge usage increase in recent days,” per data from Delphi Digital.

That said, it is most likely that the team would not disappoint the anticipating user base. However, it’s unclear who exactly will be eligible for airdrop tokens.


May 20, 2022


The crypto airdrop has been a buzzword in the community for a long time due to its wide usability among crypto projects. Last year witnessed record-breaking token airdrops with leading Ethereum decentralized finance (DeFi) projects. For instance, Instad app, one of DeFi’s most popular portfolio management tools, airdropped 11,000,000 INST tokens to Maker DAO, Compound, and Aave users on Ethereum and Polygon.

In August, the on-chain trading platform dYdX announced its governance token launch, dropping 7.5% of the total tokens to early users. Paraswap is yet another project last year that dropped 150 million PSP tokens in November to frequent users, despite stating that it is not planning for an airdrop..