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Dec 28, 2021

99% of people:

  • masturbate
  • dig into their noses. Some eat their boogers, too.
  • start diets and end up eating potato chips at midnight.
  • watch their bodies in the mirror.
  • urinate in the shower.
  • embellish stories to make them look like they're cool.
  • fart and blame someone else for the smell or noise.
  • watch photos of their crush.
  • rehearse conversations they probably never will have, in front of a mirror.
  • record their voice so that they can hear how it sounds to the rest of the world.
  • snooping around in other people's bathrooms.
  • enjoy defecating.
  • focus so much on making the right amount of eye contact with the person they're talking to that they end up not hearing half of what they're saying.
  • turn on their phones to see the time, but forget to look at the time.


Dec 28, 2021

Lying for your own benefit or that of others.

Pissing in the pool.

Have your fingers that smell like c **

Check the Facebook / Linkedin profile of past acquaintances.

Judging people at first sight and realizing that we were actually wrong.

Secretly dreaming about a threesome.

Have considered withdrawing a rib to get it ALL ONLY.


Dec 28, 2021

At the national level, our governments have fun interfering with other nations barely hiding their real intentions.

Like the current crisis in Burma, the last pitch was organized by the army when they saw the hand of Western issues in their President's agenda. Who was increasingly becoming the puppet of the West. This because Burma is in the sphere of Chinese influence and therefore potentially lucrative to whoever controls it!

So the demonstrations for "democracy" still follow the same pattern established by the CIA in the 90s and now put into practice by Western NGOs like the Einstein Institute!

In short, our governments interfere with the future of other nations when in fact, they are not even able to control the evolution of their own nation!

Also, young, we learn not to do to others what we do not want to undergo! A lesson that is ignored in the highest spheres of our so-called "civilized" society!


Jan 24, 2022

There are undoubtedly SO many things we indulge in but don't have the confidence of admitting to the public (and honestly, I'm not targeting anyone here, I am fully included in this list of such people).  

So, here goes nothing!  

I cry at almost every other romantic tragedy I watch but I've never had the confidence to admit it in front of my group of friends. I understand and know that crying is okay and is very human to all of us, but I would rather take roller skates to my ankles than confess to this. So much for being the emotionally strongest in my group of lads! 

Secondly, I don't think I'll ever be able to admit that I create cliche stories in my hand with the girl I am head over heels in love with (she doesn't know either). No one will ever know what love looks like inside my head and how much I would give up to get it.  

Lastly, and I think this is quite generalizable, all of us have at some point in our lives, seen someone get into an embarrassing incident but pretended to look away so they don't feel bad. After all, these are truly the moments in life that make me restore my faith in humanity.