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May 18, 2022




Physical features in geography are the physical geographical characters and human characteristcs that make the place special and indifferent from other .The physical features in geography includes land reforms, water bodies ,vegetation,soil ,and animals .physical features makes the place uniqe and different geographical areas near equator are hot and humid ,poles are cold amd freezing . Techtonich movements also creatues mountains , water bodies ,and islands . Humans also effected the physical and geographical conditions . Metropolitian cities are less in vegetation . Effecting mother earth adversely. In early days when we read geography and its physical features we go to the places with variation in physical geography such as mountains, beaches , valleys , forests ,waterfalls desert and many more physical geography to explore .  

Physical geography in educational terms studies and measures patterns in the environment .Main purpose of physical gepgraphy is to study environment and make temporal changes to regulate climate change .