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Feb 21, 2022


I wish there was a better way to protect oneself than wearing our masks and sanitizing ourselves. But unfortunately, there is no better alternative, and I mean literally. Even if you're vaccinated but not cautious enough afterward, you have a significant chance of being affected by the deadly virus. And trust me when I say that because I did get covid 19 (delta variant) two months after I was fully vaccinated. 

 Other than the necessary precautions and getting vaccinated (because even if you catch the virus afterward, its intensity will be far less harsh), avoid attending social gatherings and change your mask every 2.5 (that is how long it's lifespan is, at maximum). 


Sep 01, 2022

I wish there were some extra measures one could take to get protection from the delta variant but unfortunately, that isn't the case. As a matter of fact, I took all the necessary precautions that there were and one could take such as wearing a mask and using a hand sanitizer, but still, I got affected by it. 
So, that is what you can do as well, wear a mask every time that you step out of the house and unnecessarily don't get into social gatherings, etc. Plus, now we also have vaccinations so don't stray away from them. I have been vaccinated and I can assure you, nor I neither my family members have had any side effects. My grandfather fell sick but that was only for a short while so you don't have anything to worry about.