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May 27, 2021

You can deposit using peer 2 peer method, after you login just go to spot then select deposit through p2p, you will have to select whether you want naira or currency you want, then a form will be created for you to transfer to a person and make confirmation within 15 minutes. When after both parties have confirmed the transaction, Binance will credit the amount in your account.



Jun 01, 2021

You can withdraw after you have 10 answerly tokens. Please earn the remaining 6 tokens by answering questions

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Mar 21, 2021

In short yes. Its is natural (but be sure it is natural, I buy from a bee owner only, and shit that sale in stores is not always what is says). 

Depending of the food type bees ate, there are different types of honey with different color (darker than on the pictures) and a bit different taste. 

More pale color may suggest it is made out of sugar (beekeepers add sugar to bees as food for the winter. Bees make honey out of this sugar too).

If go for a real thing, get a honeycomb with honey inside. This is rare and only bee keepers has it before they use a centrifuge to gather the honey, pack it into honey pots and sell it. 

Honey is usually seasonal, so it is best to buy some in autumn/winter directly from a beekeper (a reputable one).  


Sep 10, 2021

Have a profession or cooperate with someone who is a photographer.

Determine the photo style, the direction for the studio

Brand name studio close, unique

Carrying out the business registration procedure

Design logo, identity set for studio

Building image and video archives.

Website design for studio

Developing Social Media channels for the studio

Verify studio address on Google Maps

Performing communication and advertising for the studio



Feb 11, 2022

take ficture and fhoto upload in sosial media


May 31, 2021

  • Focus on Branding. Once the people in your circle are able to recognize your brand, they'll have no problem in flocking in to your channel.           
  • Try to upload consistently, most preferably thrice every week.          
  • Quality is more important than quantity, even if you have to sacrifice consistency.         
  • Use all the resources given to you on the YouTube Creator's Academy judiciously. They share a lot about how their algorithm operates.        
  • Learn about 'Fair Use' and Copyright Laws. They'll help you in avoiding unnecessary troubles.       
  • Get in touch with people, persuade them to subscribe to your channel and watch videos. Ask them to share the links among their groups. Networking is powerful and highly-underrated.      
  • Use Tags and write detailed description of each videos and include links to your social media handles. Make sure that everything is relevant so they YouTube can recommend your videos to target audience based on description metadata.     
  • Add Intros, End Cards and Tags in your videos to divert attention of viewers to other videos on your channel to increase viewer count. Again, it is super-powerful and highly underrated.    
  • Above all, Love what you do. If you are just in it for the money, you'll feel tired and burnt-out quickly with all the workload that many beginner YouTubers face when gaining traction on their first YouTube Channel.   



Credentials & Highlights

  • Joined Mar 29, 2020

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