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Feb 09, 2022

This question amuses me, because it reminds me of a "very French specificity", in my opinion, even if it is a bit dated (like me!).

I sometimes remember with astonishment that, in my childhood, and in a "good bourgeois" family, let's say, fairly typical of what was agreed to be called the "good French society" of the 1950s and 1960s, the adults had custom of saying with a certain contempt: "Hum! It's restaurant cooking!" or "That's done at the restaurant!"

The top remained the homemade cooking, by Madame… or the “maid”… But, very often, “Madame” was then all the same in the kitchen, or in any case directed the shopping list, then the cooking “from afar” , no, but… Or even: there was sometimes a "cook", to whom Madame, there, delegated: impossible, of course, to tell the cook how to make the bourguignon or the lamb, it was her preserve…

Even though the French make a huge place, it seems to me, to discussions about the last restaurant they tested, of which they will keep an imperishable memory, which they will tell again and again, during a next meal … in a new restaurant!

This is another difference, for me, between the house and the restaurant: I am always surprised, when I happen to be at the table in a restaurant with friends, to hear them almost systematically tell us the latest "fabulous" meal at another restaurant three months earlier.


Feb 09, 2022


Personally, I think that many criteria can differentiate these two cuisines. On the one hand, we have home cooking which is very good, and on the other, we discover new flavors through the chef's dishes. In addition, the presentation of the dish is well cared for in a restaurant, but the quantity of food that one hopes to have on one's plate is less copious than that at home. I also find that it costs more to eat in a restaurant, especially if it's gourmet cuisine, than to concoct a nice homemade dish. I prefer cooking at home because I like to know what's on my plate and above all, we eat better there.


Feb 09, 2022

The major difference (assuming we are talking about a restaurant where we really cook ) is a matter of quantities. In the restaurant the brigade cooks for 20, 30, 40, 50 seats, while at home the number is much smaller. So it necessarily plays on the preparation time as well as the quality of the products used.

That said, if the chef in the restaurant is good, the difference with cooking at home will simply lie in the skill of the cook, which is not necessarily acquired at home. In this case, the dish in the restaurant will definitely taste better.


May 26, 2023

The difference between home cooking and restaurant cooking is quite significant. Home cooking typically involves preparing food with ingredients you have on hand and is often done on a smaller scale. Restaurant cooking tends to be more complex, with chefs using a wider variety of ingredients and cooking techniques to create dishes that appeal to a larger audience. Additionally, restaurant cooking is usually done in a much larger scale, which requires a greater level of organization and efficiency.