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Jan 03, 2022

I am Indian, and there is a strong tradition of hair care here. Indeed, the word shampoo in English comes from the word mushroom in Hindi - the ancient practice of doing a massage and thus nourishing the hairline.

I would advise you to do this hair massage twice a week. How to do?

Make a 1: 1 mixture of coconut oil and olive oil and reheat in the microwave for one minute. Let's add a spoonful of castor oil to it if you want quick results. With your fingertips, massage the roots of the hair generously using this mixture - on the temples, on the back of the neck: then gently put it on the ends.

The best time to do this is an hour before going to sleep. Use a silk pillowcase, it reduces friction and maintains the health of your hair.

In the morning, you just have to wash your hair with a shampoo that does not contain sulphates. I use the Biotique brand. Try not to shampoo more than 3 times a week. Above all, do not use dry hair or lukewarm water to shampoo. It prolongs the life of the hair.

If the hair is long, don't use too many accessories to tighten it. Sleep with a comfortable braid. Eat foods high in protein and omega 3 like nuts, almonds, eggs and fish.

Brush them with kindness!

It had helped me anyway :). It works if you are under 50 :)


Jan 03, 2022

My problems:

Hello, I want to share my story and experience with you. I have always had problems with my itchy scalp, dandruff very regularly and most importantly, severe hair loss. It has been several years since I stopped washing my hair too often. I was using natural bar products, some of them had calmed my itching without resolving the other issues.

Testing of natural products:

I decided to try a line of natural products that my sister recommended to me for their natural and effective ingredients. Besides, taking care of your scalp and hair is not exclusive to women and is completely adapted to men.

I started with Chanv shampoo by doing 2 or even three shampoos per week depending on my activities. Beyond its cleansing potential, I noticed that I had less desire to scratch and that I had fewer sores or scabs.

Later I noticed that I had less dandruff, but what surprised me the most was the hair loss. I hardly have any hair loss anymore. You know when you don't like to see the bathroom sink full of hair and well my sink is clean. It's really a pleasure because my scalp got better and better like my hair. All the hair in my head is healthy now.

Natural fortifying shampoo and serum:

My partner uses the same brand of hair fortifying serum, which gives her stronger hair that is less brittle and damaged. She also likes that she doesn't have to use a lot, the well-concentrated serum does its job. As far as I'm concerned, I haven't tried the serum yet, but I'm already so delighted to find hair that is light and supple, neither too dry nor too oily like my scalp.

I found their products a bit expensive even though I know that I buy quality (natural, ecological, handmade, local production ...) So I use their newsletter to buy when promotions are present depending on what I I need, I also add a code (hemp20) when possible which increases the discount. Their promotions are 25% to 50% daily and allow me to buy products regularly at very low prices otherwise I don't buy.


Jan 03, 2022

The solution "for" the fall consists in pulling them out, or even using the different hair removal techniques. If you wanted to talk about the solution "against" hair loss, minoxidil remains the most effective solution against alopecia, which it stops very effectively.

However, minoxidil and related molecules do not resuscitate the dead, for bald areas only grafts are relevant.

The various recipes mentioned here are great for beautifying hair, improving its appearance and (a little) its lifespan, but these common sense tips will be insufficient to remedy larger falls. Minoxidil is as effective in women as it is in men, but its use requires medical advice.


Apr 28, 2023

The best solution for hair loss depends on the cause. If the hair loss is because of a medical condition, it's best to consult a doctor as soon as possible to get a diagnosis and treatment. If the hair loss is due to diet or lifestyle, dietary or lifestyle changes may help. Some people may also benefit from using hair growth products or medications, but these should be discussed with a doctor first.