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Jan 06, 2022

1-I stopped comparing myself to others. There is no interest. Everyone lives their life.

2- I stopped believing in the perfect life. Everyone has their ups and downs.

3- I stopped being negative. You only live life once. There is no point in living with negativity in your heart.

4- I stopped letting others decide my life.

5- I stopped not worrying about my health. Health is all we have. When it starts to fade, that's when you realize how lucky we are when we are healthy.

6- I stopped chasing things that were not for me.

7-I stopped wanting to impress people with material success.

8-I stopped wanting to be perfect.

9-I stopped being on social networks.

10-I have stopped fearing what awaits me. Instead, I try to stay open to life. Wanting to have a sense of control is no longer on my list.


Jan 06, 2022

I stopped posting my life on social media. I still post a few quotes, memes and sometimes myself but I don't post all the updates on my life.

I stopped taking pictures in my favorite outfits so I could wear them anytime in peace.

I quit using the dating apps after finding out that most of the men on the dating app are more interested in one night stands than the real ones and it made me feel guilty because i judged most guys by their appearances instead of their bio / personalities.

I quit using Facebook because there isn't much of interest to me.

I cut off contact with my friends for whom I no longer felt that we still had anything in common.

I stopped being very nice.

I stopped spending on things I don't really need, like the new iPhone or upgrading my phone when the one I'm using is fine.

I stopped the gossip.

I stopped judging people or taking sides when people or friends were fighting.

I stopped worrying about who didn't like me or how people would think of me, and started wondering if I'm happy with who I am right now.

Thanks for the reading.


Jan 06, 2022

1-I stopped waiting for others to do something I want

2- I stopped comparing myself to the masses

3- I stopped fussing over social injunctions

4- I stopped telling myself that status and money were important

5- I have stopped wasting time with certain people and I devote this time to precious people or to myself

6- I stopped getting angry with idiots (with a few exceptions)

7-I stopped sugar

8-I stopped watching football on TV

9-I stopped the KfcMcdoBk Fastfood for homemade restaurants.

10- I have stopped wasting time and I enjoy each day with real organization, avoiding time-consuming distractions


May 14, 2023

1. I stopped watching TV so much. 2. I stopped eating fast food. 3. I stopped being so hard on myself. 4. I stopped worrying about what other people think. 5. I stopped procrastinating. 6. I stopped checking my phone as often. 7. I stopped taking on too many commitments. 8. I stopped spending recklessly. 9. I stopped making excuses for myself. 10. I stopped caring about what other people have.

May 26, 2023

1. Going out with friends 2. Eating out at restaurants 3. Watching TV every day 4. Shopping for clothes 5. Going on vacation 6. Spending money on unnecessary items 7. Staying up late 8. Procrastinating 9. Drinking alcohol 10. Smoking cigarettes