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Mar 31, 2022

If I got a dollar for every single time someone told me 'wasps don't say anything to you unless you harm them first', I would probably have beaten Elon Musk by now. I know they're not going to harm me but I do not want them to buzz right next to my ear drum, is that too much to ask for? After struggling with this crisis for quite some time I figured that if you do not leave any food item in the open near them, they'll probably be busy doing their own business and not bother you. For this reason, be sure to take out your trash (especially the kitchen trash can), and don't leave food out in the open for them to munch on. There really isn't much else we can do other than try to coexist. 

Apr 29, 2023

The best way to keep wasps away is to remove potential nesting sites and food sources. Make sure to keep garbage and food waste secured in tightly sealed containers and regularly empty outdoor trash cans. Seal off potential entry points to your home and trim back overgrown vegetation. You can also use wasp traps to catch and reduce the number of wasps in the area.