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Feb 14, 2022

It depends on what is called “becoming a developer”. To develop what? And from what level can one be qualified as a developer?

Often today, we hear “becoming a developer” as “becoming a web developer capable of finding a job with these skills”; this is the question I will try to answer.

There are two main qualities that anyone wishing to become a developer must have:

  • An unparalleled desire
  • Logic
  • Self -taught
  • Bootcamps / development
  • A solid base of web development
    This means learning the basics of creating a web page, its content, its presentation, its interactions. This also means understanding the interaction with a server, mastering a server language and the issues of algorithms, security and data persistence. In my humble opinion, based on my experiences, it takes around ~400h to get enough base.
    • Learn the basics of integration: HTML, CSS
    • Learn the basics of interactivity: JavaScript
    • Learn the basics on the server side: there is a choice. It can be PHP, MySQL, NodeJS, MongoDB, Ruby, Python…
  • Deepening into an ecosystem
    You can't know everything, and most web development jobs are specialized. To go further, there is no need to spend thousands of hours becoming an expert in everything. Most of the time, a distinction is made between front-end developers and back-end developers. And in each side, each specializes in a particular technology or ecosystem. In general, a hundred hours on a single techno allows you to go far.
    • Front-end: you can be specialized in HTML / CSS integration, or in JavaScript development by mastering Angular or React for example.  
    • back-end: often, we specialize in a framework, an ecosystem or a CMS: Symfony (PHP), Phoenix (Elixir), Django (Python), Expressjs (NodeJS)…
  • Experience
    It is by forging that one becomes a blacksmith. It is most certainly by developing that one becomes a developer. Despite all the knowledge and know-how that can be acquired through courses, it must then be put into practice. Not only to acquire the few reflexes and good practices that one obtains by dint of working on projects, but also the know-how of a developer: knowing how to collaborate with his team, exchange with other developers, exchange with other trades (graphic designers or project managers for example), meeting deadlines, knowing how to be productive... For this, you must not only practice, but embark on a large project lasting several weeks, in order to encounter problems of real applications . Again, we can count 100 to 200 hours minimum.

Feb 14, 2022

Personally, I changed jobs to become a frontend developer. Being at the Pole Employ, I was able to do a training (not really top but good) of 6 months. I would rather recommend doing an apprenticeship afterwards to gain experience, I started freelancing, it really wasn't easy, even if today I work for a start-up in Berlin.

I also had training in algorithms with the Paris City Hall.


Feb 14, 2022

To become a developer, you must first love solving problems, and be passionate and curious. Many people who have become successful programmers but have not gone through dedicated courses have at some point in their life loved the computer, loved tinkering and helping their friends configure computers. Then they moved on, so that an opportunity or an encounter in their life revives their forgotten passion, the latter often faced with a choice in their life opt to become a programmer to do a job that they are passionate about and that is well paid .


Feb 19, 2022

Being a developer requires you to learn a number of skills, which mainly include programming and software development. In the age of advanced technology where everything is easily accessible, I would argue that development doesnt even require a college or university degree. You can learn developing easily by watching tutorials and practicing online. 

Not too long ago, I developed a habit of learning website development because being a programmer was one of my childhood dreams. In order to learn website development, I had to first learn HTML. When I explored some sources to learn the language, I realized that there are tons of online sources that are available for you to learn to program. Numerous techies who are brilliant in their fields have started their own Youtube channels and blogs to facilitate young learners. So, learning to program is not that difficult now.