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Feb 14, 2022

It all depends on where you place the cursor for "junior developer" and it all depends on what you ask that developer to do.

Can you get hired as a junior web dev in 5 months? This, yes ! For sure ! But it depends more on your self-confidence and the energy you give off during the interview than on your programming skills, especially for a junior position.

Once hired, you will by definition be a junior web dev, so yes it is possible.

But I tend to think that it will be a laborious journey and that it would be better, if you can, to practice 6 more months on 3–4 personal projects that are close to your heart in order to cultivate a certain expertise in some area. Specialize at least a little in the subjects that really interest you, you will learn much faster.

Ideally, participate as actively as possible in a forum focused on a particular language/framework; read all new questions, even when it talks about a subject you know nothing about, read the answers; If you think you know an answer, participate! Helping other people learn to code will take you a long way.

By acting rigorously in this way (at least 10h/day, every day) for a year, I think we can have a "junior web dev" level which really corresponds to something.

But here it is, 1 year at the rate of 10 hours a day doing interesting and diversified things... It still requires a lot of work before you really feel "job-ready"


Feb 14, 2022

As someone says , the field of web dev is vast, but I would complete by saying that programming is an even larger and quite difficult field. And that before succeeding in getting by with a language, it will be necessary to succeed in having basics in programming. It also means succeeding in appropriating the logic of programming.
In 5 months, I think it is possible to tinker in a language, but between a code tinkerer and a dev (even junior) there is a difference.

That might sound very pretentious, and that's why I'm going to be specific. Many, especially in computer science schools, believe that getting a program to work is an end in itself. It's wrong. This is what I call being “DIY”: You have a goal and a tool. If you manage to achieve your goal with this tool, you are doing well. And the “tinkering” that we could also call “hacking” in a certain sense, is only half the job of a dev: The dev must make sure that the machine understands perfectly what we say to him ( hacking), but above all that any human who reads your code fully understands what you are doing. And it is this second part that is the hardest. Write good/beautiful code. And I think it's really hard to manage to do in 5 months, if in addition,

That said, the best way to learn is by practicing, and many companies, especially ESNs (ex SSII) do not make the difference between a handyman and a dev (in the sense explained above) so launch you, there is a good chance that you will succeed ;)


Feb 14, 2022

Yes, we can. On the other hand, it is important to set achievable goals. Is it possible to become a web developer capable of being hired as a junior: yes! Certainly. On the other hand, we must not let ourselves be caught up in the media hysteria either, which misinforms people on this subject. Learning requires a lot of work and investment. And above all, this aspect should not be minimized because many recoil before the mountain of work to be done in order to acquire the skills. There is a shortage of web developers. But the shortage is for “competent” developers. If you want to learn to build a career, you should not do it as a dilettante. We put our all into it, we devote all our days to it, or we do something else.
“The overpaid bespectacled geek who spends his days creating the world of tomorrow and who works in a startup with a football table and a candy dispenser”.

“Junior web developer” means that one is a JUNIOR web developer. We will not have the level of a guy who has 10 years of experience, expertise and stacks. Inevitably, the difference is also evident in the level of remuneration. When I read articles where we are told that a junior developer can earn 3,000 euros net, that's nonsense. It is a profession in tension, certainly and the good profiles are very rare. But as in any sector, you will have to prove yourself before reaching such a level of remuneration.